This is my first journal entry.
Edited now.

Writing on the GO or is it on the FLY

Barring my poor eyesight and glare it is not difficult to teach a new trick to an old dog/folk.
Only downside is my dog hates me crouching on a tablet.
He prefers his outdoor activity and his acute smell.
Poor fellow is 80% blind

Time for me to take the stock of Linux Activity

It is time for me to say good bye to Linux Activity in full gear.
It is now mobile android holding the forte.
But I am still learning the little tricks.
It is not too bad, I have all the time in the world.

Writing on the GO or is it on the FLY

Barring my poor eyesight and glare it is not difficult to teach a new trick to an old dog/folk.
Only downside is my dog hates me crouching on a tablet.
He prefers his outdoor activity and his acute smell.
Poor fellow is 80% blind

My First Post with Android-Mobile

I am now dismantling all my desktop computers for the android mobile I am using.
I am trying and mastering the touch system.
Only downside is the capacity.
This is my first posting with wordpress utility which is 7.8 MiB.

My recommendation of Sleep and Dream habits for Married Couples.

My recommendation of Sleep and Dream habits for Married Couples.

This applies only to married couples.
The young lovers should do whatever dreaming they do at lib and they should not read this article which is very obnoxious when infatuated.
I’ll try to be as brief as possible since married people have no time for heavy reading but reflex action only.
My advice to a young couple on sleep and never on dreams (since they are in a dream world which is going to end soon after the honeymoon) in good old days was one should match a couple with synchronized sleep.
Night sleeper who gets up early, late or indifferent.
Day time nipper or of 8 hour 10 or 6 hour sleeper.
Idea was when two of them sleep which is synchronized, they get up together and the home and office work is synchronized.
The advantage is only to the employer and not to the married couple any way.
That is my new finding not disclosed elsewhere.
The old advice do not stand to reality of married life.
One should have two erratic sleepers so that when one dreams other one is up and doing home or office chores.
Married life is 24/7 schedule and never 9 to 5. 
One has to be working while the other is having nap unlike in office life where everybody has to work whether enough work is there or not.
My recent but not published or disclosed data suggest the only time married people have a respite is in their real dream world.
So enjoy them even they are bitter to the opposite sex. 
After all they are dreams.
Have you ever seen a couple who relate their dreams when woken up to the opposite spouse.
In my experience never.
The realty is that the dream is heavily edited to satisfy the opposite spouse.
Usually all the dreams are if not majority are obnoxious ones which even in realty extend from blue murder or downright slanderous.
If they truly relate these dreams the marriage won’t last even  three months.
Most of the breakup are due to recurrent incidences of these obnoxious dreams.
One should never go to hypnotherapist for help and they (are the worse) will record them and use them to blackmail when his/her income is dwindling or volunteer to supply the information secretly to the defense lawyer of the other side for inappropriate black income.
This specially happens in Sri-Lanka. 
If these dreams recur it is alright to go to a divorce lawyer but never to a hypnotherapist.
Who knows one may take undue advantage.
One has to bear them, bite the teeth and boldly take them in, one go at a time, like a true and mature married man or woman.
One should not give this information to doctors since they will give you a sleeping pill and inadvertently stop the only entertainment one has at his/her leisure time activity.
That is simply disaster.
If you want to prolong and succeed in marriage one has to edit every dream to suit the partner and occasionally relate them saying,
I had a lovely dream about You KNOW with all the blah blah.
This has worked for me and I do not know about my wife.
All bad dreams are censored by default.
Now I write about dreams, nobody trust my dreams except Maha Brahma who never dreams in real life.
His hobby is to listen to my ones and interpret them with wisdom.
If you have any bad dream about your spouse (not your secret lover) please post them under comments.
I may consider sending them to Maha’s perusal and interpretation.
I assure you he never keeps any record of them since I am the virtual registrar.

Dream 33

Dream 33

This one is relatively new.
I was down with flu and I had hundreds of dreams but unfortunately this is one of the few I can remember.
The fever was mild but the relative humidity (my hydrometer reading over 80% – without rain) was very high to drive me mad with discomfort.
When the relative humidity is high one does not perspire as much as when it is low and if one has fever on top of it, the discomfort is magnified many a times.
I am not saying it is good for dreaming.
Quite the opposite.
One gets up every few minutes, even before the full dream is over and one remembers bits and pieces of jumbled dreams.
That make me remember them since getting back to sleep again is an ordeal due to the discomfort that the warm ambiance causes.
I am one who loves warm atmosphere but not with very high humidity.
I cannot believe how the cricketers in the Asian subcontinent cope with this humidity, leave alone Europeans.
It is strange some part of New Zealand known for heavy rain is having droughts.
I believe the global warming is taking it shape whether we like it or not.
Sorry for the preamble.
The Dream
I was on my way to a village in a very remote place.
I came across a steep hill on the other side which appeared to be a cliff.
The foot path up was on rock which appeared slippery due to rain water dripping down.
On the bottom of the hill there were few onlookers looking up in amazement to see a young mother climbing the cliff with two children one in her hand.
In a glace without any hesitation (dressed in footwear not suitable for slippery rock and a heavy James Bond case in hand) I moved up in case, if the mother needed help, that I could volunteer.
I suppose I wanted play James Bond in this remote village.
Very ambitious intent.
In couple of fast steps I reached up to where the woman has just got the older child barely off the difficult part the hill and was about to push herself up balancing her child in her hand.
I asked her whether I could help her.
But annoyed, in a loud voice she said NO.
By this time I was balancing on one foot not able to go forward or stop myself slipping down.
I had only one option slip down ungracefully to the loud laughter of the onlookers.
I may have dropped my suitcase too but woke up with shame.
I was very happy it was a dream.
I immediately sat in front of my computer and emailed it to Maha, the Greatest of all Gods.
He replied in kind with his new global, no battery Tablet, which is supposed to be bigger than the New Airport in Sri-Lanka.
I thanked him profusely for his support that the inauguration went on smoothly with his divine help.
He said he loves anything airborne, even a weather balloon and Airbus was his high priority for Sri-Lanka.
He also said he would standby with all his might for a few more.
Then I asked him what about the carbon footprint.
Don’t be ridiculous how can a few airbuses will change the world?
That was unexpected not knowing what to say, I retorted, what about the collapse of our economy and debt crisis.
I thought they were play tools like in heaven and did not cost like a Heavenly Jelly Bean.
It is quite the contrary Sir.
I am sorry
I did not know that.
I am not an economist and we do not have a treasury or finance minister in heaven, he said.
What about the cash in heaven.
There is no cash here but eternal goodwill.
Is that so?
So rich people will have no chance of buying a ticket to heaven.
NOWAY as long as I am the BOSS.
Did you really dream it?
You were very stupid know.
I was incapacitated Sir.
I came down to my bottom dollar of EGO and down to earth instantaneously, Sir.
Well good then.
This interpretation is in three parts.
Will you wait for a while.
Part I
You did not know that woman was devil.
Wanamohinie has only one child, I am told.
She is worse.
She will destroy your image first.
Then she will destroy your stature.
Thirdly she will eat you up live.
That is why you terminated the dream.
Part II
Any sensible person in this world should not volunteer any help in Sri-Lanka even in a village, and UNOs not excluded.
If you tried to do that she would drop the child in her hand.
The onlookers will kill you and this devil woman would not sweat a bit for her catch.
But this is a Buddhist country know?
How can that happen?
Don’t you know some of the guys supporting Bodu Balawageya are devil’s incarnations?
Those fellows will even represent as lawyers for the devil in defense of their case.
I was dumbfounded.
Part III
The wise decision would have been for you to wait at the bottom till this woman safely crossed over to the other side.
But she would not cross but would linger and the onlookers will choose you to help her.
But none of this happened and she did crossed to the other side, know.
That is because while you slipped down you dropped the bag with dollars.
The onlookers killed each other for the few dollars.
She went to call the other guys / girls for the feast.
Maha disappeared quickly saying ”Devils always win on earth specially in Sri-Lanka”

Time for me to take the stock of Linux Activity

Time for me to take the stock of Linux Activity 

It was more than three years that I constantly investigated the Linux World of Freedom.
There were many frustrations when I could not download, Puppy Linux even in the in the University Setup which was less than 100 MiB.
Running the first Puppy Linux was the height of satisfaction.
I still carry that trait and it is still my favorite distribution.
When I first ran it from a USB Stick, it was the glory of discovering the the freedom.
Getting first Linux distribution which was Redhat Linux running in my 4MiB inbuilt graphic card on P2 Machine was never a failed exercise.
Real reason for my enthusiasm I should bare it now.
I wanted to have a little workshop for School Children in Kandy and it was total disaster not because I was ill prepared.
Microsoft bribed the guys organizing (with alcohol and money) the function and prevented me from having an audience.
I am one who never take  anything lying down in this country.
For that matter any where in the globe.It was a simple innocent exercise. 
Never thought it will blossom to this extent. 

I investigated and found the guys (who had left school just 17 plus or 18 plus not able to get into the University).
Unfortunately. those guys published their intention in the web and what I did to them is only a tiny history now and no need to say anything more.
I am still thankful to Microsoft for doing that.
Microsoft inadvertently charged my inner brain faculties. 
If they did not do that my enthusiasm would have petered out in no time.
I had finished my research work in the University and I was looking for something new.
This was a great opportunity and I took Linux head on and later having mastered Linux I took, Microsoft in any position they attack me.
Only once they could do that this time from India and I was up to it in hours and traced the guy to India with open challenge.
He never appeared again on my back.
Guy did not know that I had several computers monitoring which Microsoft could not monitor since all the operating system were pirated ones in Sri-Lanka, to my credit.
Thank god for the piracy of Sri-Lankans.
They had no hold and I started talking of Copy Right Law in my city.To my happiness over twenty in the city (everybody except me had pirated copies then, I had Windows 95) were prosecuted for violating Sinhala Songs and Films.

That did them too and some lost their businesses.
Unfortunately, to this day, it is still going on, even in temples and nobody was prosecuted after that incident (since then to my knowledge).
I did venture into Colombo and got a few guys involved in Linux and I used to get my Linux CDs from (DVD not on the market then) Singapore until one, day I went to Singapore and downloaded my first 20 Linux distributions including Linpus Linux from Taiwan.Nobody in Singapore knew about Linux then, I believe. 

I was there for only two weeks and I came home with a Router (Wireless) and made sure I downloaded one distribution a day.
Writing about Linux was also an accident and the University guys (not academics) were on strike and I had all day from 7 to 5 pm in my office to publish in the web.
Fortunately, I was involved with a British Institute which struck a code not violating Copy Right Law and we were getting young (not University  undergraduates) ones to write to improve English.
This site was attacked by somebody for political reasons and knowing Sri-Lankan politics when I detected the first intrusion, I dissociated with them for a long period of time until recently.I deleted all my politically sensitive (not Linux) items when they started running again.

Enough of dirty politics in the world wide web and thanks to Linux I was able to my register my presence in the web with many free web sites.
Now I am going to severe some of those connections by April only due to rising Electricity Bill.
Nothing Else.
So it is time for me to thank all those who were inspirational to say the least in the Linux community, including Peter Parfitt.
I have no antipathy with Microsoft now but I have a hearty laugh when one is struggling with Windows with a toned down hype.
Because of this reason, not looking at Microsoft Updates my email is never cluttered and delete them at the first glance by reflex action.
Now let me thank all the guys who developed little utilities.
To begin with I hate all the web browsers except perhaps Iceweasel. 
Simply because some of isos were severed in the last few minuets and having to download from the beginning.Browsers good at eavesdropping on you but never help you from to begin an activity that was terminated by faulty Telecom connection or server not ready with a file.

1. I love K-torrent and it had done the donkey work.
2. I love http://www.linuxtracker.og which was hacked several times by the undesirables.
Thank god my electricity bill was manageable, then.
3. Then Distromania site for storing old copies of Linux. It went defunct for some time and they are back again.

4. Thank for all the Linux forums who would have a line or two at their web sites to help my searches.
7. Not forgetting the Live CD list. From that site I managed to download Linux in Singapore.

8. Linux Freedom for having sample of most of the Linux Distributions.
9. Let me say I hate writers who writes, 10 best distributions which distort the facts often with a Virtual Machines.
Linux counter is trying to rectify this anomaly.
10 Then to my amazement only 32 Sri-Lankan guys were using Linux.
Even in South Africa where Ubuntu originated there were very few using Linux.
11. That made me to do some research and one of my dear friend’s son in UK (on my invitation) has already completed his masters (Linux penetration).
I provided him with all the useful information.
I am currently doing some local research in the University and that will take some time before my retirement.
So I will take a break and I want the young guys to follow my footsteps.
I will be reading the Linux magazine and they are also doing a very good global promotion.
It is well set and my absence wan’t be felt much.
There will be a book on Quality Concepts too.
If I missed anybody that is not an oversight but my gray matter failing in old age.
12. The work horse for me was K3B.
With out which over 1000 CD/DVD sessions (on Nero would have been a disaster) would not have come without a scratch.
I may say with conviction, less than 10 CD/DVDs failed due to faulty manufacture of the CD/DVD.
That is the strength of the Linux utilities.
13. UnetbootIn is my love and I have about 20 USB sticks for demonstration and I now  use SD Cards with Androids, hitting the market and Raspberry Pi is doing the rounds in UK where I started my computing work, first and not in USA.
Fortunately USA, guys and girls outnumber my Sri-Lankan counterparts.
And thanks to all of them who visit my site!

Ubuntu and its derivatives- an update.

Ubuntu and its derivatives- an update.
It is more than 3 years of critical writing on Linux.
I am going to call it a day soon since the electricity bill is up and I have decided to cut down on my carbon footprint on this planet.
I have few books and the collection of ideas are put in print and digital forms.
That is in expectation of these blog ideas will vanish into wilderness when new form factors and new ideas hit the market. 
That is natural and one has to move on.
Only book I have not done yet is TQM-Quality for the Developers.
Linux is now matured fully and Quality as an inbuilt system should come into effect since tablets will hit the market and poor old 32 bit computers and many 64 bit computers will be relegated to the attic.
The Quality Cycles of 5 years would do the job and when the Linux community gets a complaint from window’s migrant (Linux guys will quietly will find a fix) one should investigate whether it is due to hardware or software or user learning curve (steep or flat)  or Quality issue.
If the issue is not of quality the developer should leave the community to address the problem leaving his or her precious time for consolidation of issues related the platform he/she is involved in developing.
Equally he / she should see the penetration of the distribution among newbies.
If the distribution does not penetrate there is a fault in marketing the PLUS Points.
May be virus or aesthetic values or damn indifference of the user.

Ubuntu 12-04

First time in my life I am using Ubuntu as a base for introducing it to resistant users like my daughter.

If they run into problem at home with any issue with Windows, they are now independent to sit in front of a Linux Box and sort them out themselves, while I am away doing things not related to Linux or house work.
Ubuntu’s Unity has matured enough to be recommended to a newbie (if old Linux guys are grumbling, let them do it at their own peril and at lib) and canonical should invest its resources on Mobile Market and Cloud Computing.

1. I recommend Pinguy Linux since it has many derivatives including light weight distributions for netbooks.

2. Linux Regal Titan is a very good one for 64 bits.

3. Black Opal (Ubuntu mix) has sorted out many of the windowing and workplace problems.

4. UberStudent 64 bit is heavy (4 GiB) and I am glad to see they have put out a 32 bit one with less packages (2.5 GiB).
It used to have a CD version too.

5.Ultimate Linux light is  a good one for games.

6. ArtistiX is for Video, Audio and the Artists

Then, there are Dream Studio, Ubuntu Studio and many more distributions to cater for many tastes.
Ubuntu is still the number one that has penetrated the mind and soul of average users.

For specialist Linux users there over 300 other distributions which is not Ubuntu, to have a go.

Unfortunately Gentoo derivatives except Sabayon is falling behind and TinHat has to do lot of catch up.

Why I should not go for a new 64 bit computer?

Why I should not go for a new 64 bit computer?

I have many 32 bit computers and they have done the donkey work for me and my family, over the past 5 years and none of them is ready for retirement.
Even if I retire them there is nobody to look after them.
But they are on voluntary retirement, simply because the electricity tariff has gone beyond my purse and control.
It has gone up by 50% and I stopped downloading and subscribed to Linux Magazine from the money saved for one month Electricity bill.
I get a free DVD with every issue.
Buying the print version of the Magazine contributes to my carbon foot-print but I save 10 times carbon foot-print if I switched off the computer for good except for checking my email.

The other reason for me not buying a new computer (64 bits) is that now I can buy a few Raspberry Pis, instead of a computer and tinker it for my liking.
They are going to make a camera outfit soon out of the Raspberry Pi/Pie.

I have only one Refurbished Mini 64 bit computer to test Linux 64 bit versions and it looks like in another five years they may not have 32 bit Linux versions except PCLinux and its FullMonty counterpart which works equally well on 64 bit computers.

Then of course Tablets are going to hit the local market, at least the cheap Chinese versions and buying one of them will cut down my carbon foot-print and electricity bill.

With an E-reader an email I am all set, all that I may want for my twilight years are bundled in a 10 inch Tablet or Slate and I am back to kindergarten work again.

Think twice before one buys a new or old computer.
Their days seems to be numbered and they will be dumped in this small island including, temples where nobody would use them because of the price hike in electricity.

It is going to be a miracle to get one to use a computer then.

I have a new saying now.
In good old days we said, if one has an enemy, one buys or coax him to buy an old car so that he will spend a fortune to get it to running order.

Now one has to pay a fortune to buy a car let alone run it on the road.

The new saying is ¨if one has an enemy buy him a laptop or an old computer¨.
He may never find parts or battery to run it/them and they are loaded with all the Microsoft viruses.