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Geopolitics is changing
And especially so
In SriLankan terms
And its demographic
Activities and outcomes

I fail to understand
Why the so called
Political pundits
Educated only in Sinhala
Especially the journalist and media
Have failed to recognize
The fact of life
Of current politics

Nearly 4 million voters
Have not utilized
The franchise
This time around
Which is nearly 30%
Who have no trust
On the system
Or the system has failed
To recognize
Their need to participate
As living souls

If I break this down
1.5 million
Which is 75%
Of the Tamil vote
And turned a blind eye
To their aspirations

That is 15%
Of the total population

Nearly 50%
Of the Muslim community
Which add up to
Half a million
Abstained from voting

In other words
Nearly 20%
Of the ethnic minority
Did not engage
In participatory democracy

Why is this indifference
In our 5 Star democracy?

2 millions
Of the Sinhala majority
Especially the young
And the first time voters
For some reason or the other
Have not participated
In this activity
In spite of the
Freedom gained from
The ruthless conflict
Of violence

And no true participation!

When we add
The little over 4 million
Who voted against
The ruling majority
Staggering figure
Of 8 million
Which is almost
60% of the total
Have no leader or leaders

This is an aberration
Which the Professor Edward De Bone
Highlights in his new wisdom book
“Think before it is too late”
Meant for the new millennium
Of geopolitics

A lateral thinking
In true practice

The fact of the matter
Of our democracy is
That the 40%
Of the vociferous extremists
Of the ruling elite
Run the show
The silent majority

My guess is that,
Come the Sinhala and Tamil New Year
Another 1 million
Will not vote
Adding the number
Of disenchanted mass
To over 5 million
Of the total electorate
Which is staggering 40%

In actual fact
Over 6 million (43%)
Twice as much
As my forecast
Did not participate
But doing shopping
For the New Year
Instead of polling

Edited on the 10th of April


I was trying to find the best hundred Linux distributions in the same spirit as the Fortune-100 but could not.
Then I decided to rate the distributions myself that I have downloaded on a scale of my own.

I posted the list of items and rated PCLinux2009.2 as my best distribution and published that on a web site only a few days ago.

I can report you now that my choice of PCLinux as the gold standard for 36 bit computers is well founded.

It has released its Gorilla DVD with LibreOffice and packages to last a decade in Linuxtracker.

Download and join the fun!

This the site I used for the past 4 years or so. The site is http://www.writeclique,net but to my surprise there is some interference with the site with malicious intent.

Since sometime I write things that politicians would not like to taste, my writing may have caused the attack (may not be, I hope).

Since the election is due on 10 days and if the web site becomes active after the event I presume that my gut feelings are correct.

I have posted two of the verses with this blog for anybody’s perusal.
Thank god that Google gave me this opportunity.

From now I would be writing on the Linux-100.
See you soon.


Many moons ago
When we got together
On a social occasion
With spirits high
Both in verbosity
And alcohol content
We had analyzed
(“I” eliminated on copyright basis)
The undergraduates
Who would take up
Instead academic
And intellectual activities

On a case by case basis
In the yesteryear scenario
The analysis
Would emerge like this

There was a guy
Who was not handsome
And unable to get hitched
To to suitable element
Of the opposite
Take respite
On the unthinkable

Another guy
Not so smart in physique
Unable to compete
Or take part
In any sport
Including rugger
Becomes an instant

Then there was a guy
Who could not crack a joke
Or enjoy a flash
Of irrelevancy
In good spirit
Or take part in
The Sing Song Band
Or the “Gonpart Army”
Just like the “Barmy Army”
Take up
The Marxist ideology

Then there was a guy
Not eloquent in “Kaduwa”
But had all
The vulgarity
In his mother tongue
Ingrained in his system
And the life style
Paste and posted
All the “Kela Paththara”
On the walls

Then there was
A shadowy guy
Who frequented the
Unauthorized quarters
Especially at night
Lot to hide
But little to show
In character
Was the most vociferous

These guys
Even though few in number
In our times
Failed their examinations
And were the unwanted
In their own backyards
Ended up as
“Permanent Gajayas”
Existing on the
Union money
Use politics of the extremes
To regain
Some sort of identity

And there was
No other way
In this democratic society
Of ours
For the these guys
To survive
Other than parasites
In the vague politics
Of little substance
Or relevance

In our times
These guys were
Extremely intelligent
Who did come
On merits
Not on area basis
Realized their fallacious
And out of the fray activity
By the time
They failed the examination
For the third time
Out of politics
In good time
And never entered
The august assembly
Or the legislature

But strangely enough
When I analyze
The current situ
And the state of affairs
Of our modern society
There is striking coincidence
That the very same type
Of guys without rehabilitation
End up in our parliament
Who fail in our
School Education System
Some of them
Even as Ministers
Holding important portfolios
Providing instant jokes
To the Media
And the Masses

For them
It is their very
Survival that matters
But not the welfare
Of the voter
Who voted them in
In the day to day
Affairs of our democracy

If that
Is not a wonder
What would be
The paradox
Of our times?


In democracy
It is the voter
That matters.

But not so
In our democracy.

It is the elected
That matters.

That also the highest!

The lowest of all
The House of
Not so commoners
Does matter
As mouth pieces
Of democracy
But subservient
To the dictates
Of the party boss

Linux-100 (Century)

Well there are Fortune-100 companies but none of them cater for the billions of unfortunate souls except their owners and the share holders.
Fortunately there are over 300 Active Linux Distributions that can be downloaded free for the millions of hungry internet users.
But in this country there is nobody who is promoting Linux for its universal use. I decided to write the best Linux-100 that I have come across and started writing the first one and posted the same. I believe somebody has tampered with that web site deliberately to stop viewing some of my other politically inclined comments and verses. Luckily I came across gOS 3.1-gadgets distribution which I recommend for all newbies to have as a Live CD.
For my luck that CD directed me to the Google Blog and this is my first blog to replace the site that I cannot access due to unforeseen and deliberate obstruction like in China and Myanmar. 

See you soon with my Linux-100 Editions.