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I have given 100 points extra for its innovative approach even though it is slower than the previous Live CD.

This may be the result of KDE 4 but not the fault of the YOPER Team.

Its web site is simple but very effective and finding the downloads page was difficult.

They should go for a magazine like PCLinux.

It is well behind PCLinux but very close to ArchLinux for some unknown reason I tend to like the Arch Live CD better which include CrunchBang.

The pick is yours not mine.

I am downloading the LXDE and I bet it is much faster than the standard edition.

Anyway it is in the top bracket.


Xubuntu is a Xfce derivative promoted to be multimedia CD and it has gnome based software.
Its performance is average but games ready distributions.

It has no office packages.
Gets 545 from 750 points.

It’s desktop is attractively laid down with some clarity.
I am one who is critical about Ubuntu cannot promote it without reservation.
If you are an Ubuntu fan you should keep it for your games and download some more games.
Unfortunately nothing educational for children.


Coming from Redhat base has committed the same offense of not keeping pace with the Desktop Community.

It has scored the worse possible scenario.
Less than 400 points out of 750.

Live CD version is one I would not recommend to anybody.

It has a long way to go. Unfortunately it is heavy on the RAM not light weight.

Only good thing and the positive comment is for its ability to detect hardware easily.

I hope it will do a good job next time around and take a cue from PCLinux’s Zen Mini Me and start from there.

PCLinux which comes Mandriva is basically Redhat derivative.

They should go back to the drawing board.

Fortunately they have produced 6 CD version and I have only downloaded 2 CDs currently.

I would edit this page once the job of downloading is completed which is painfully slow in Sri-Lanka.

I am sorry guys / girls I am harsh on you.

Take it in good spirit!

Linux guys are good at that perhaps not girls!


Berry Linux is like a red cherry to me.

It is one of the little distributions that I have in my laptop and desktop for show off.

It is pretty and cute.

Coming from Japan it has a English version unlike Vine and the little known and commercial version of TurboLinux (Japanese).

It seems some Japanese guys are suavy (Linux Guys / Girls) entering the global market in style like Chinese.

It gets over 800 points above my solid base line of 750.

Incidentally this was the first distribution I wanted to write about but for some unknown reason I started with Linux Mint.

Thank God for my lapses that it has had two new releases and today I saw it’s mini version.

Currently I am downloading it and the time I am waiting for it to be downloaded is used for this piece of writing.

The extra 50 points above the 750 points that I awarded was for this reason alone even without testing it.

I am pretty sure it is going to be good (not scientific? who cares?) even without seeing it.

It has wine which is an added bonus.

It is light and fast but only hitch was it’s Grub file which is unstable coming from Fedora base.

It cannot detect other multiple distributions efficiently.
Therefore one needs to install it first before other Linux distributions.

In another few minutes it will be downloaded (mini Version) and let me sign off now.
If need be, I will edit this page soon.
I tested the Mini it boots up well in Japanese but hangs up and goes into a reboot cycle.
I suppose one needs to edit the mistakes in English that goes to a “go to cycle” instead of next line of command and activity.
English is a funny Language!


This gets a whopping 1000 points well above the standard 750, a distributions get with my scheme, simple because of its resource pool.

It is Debian based, light weight, OpenBox and has synaptic Package Manger which gets you even blender and many games and scientific software.

Internet access is easy and gets you both to CrunchBang and OpenBox Home Page in addition to the resource pool of software.

I wonder why I did not know about it till now.

Probably wise and hard working Linux People do not boast or start Flame Wars.

Hats off to guys and girls at CrunchBang and it goes without saying that the distribution goes with a bang.

They do not need a bandwagon!


ArchBang come with a bang, Based on openbox it is sleek and fast.

Live CD detects the graphic card and make a query before configuring.

It has Google chromium and connects to the Internet super fast indeed.

It has packages for monitoring the users as well as the RAM and CPU use.

It is fantastic.

For its 450 MB throughput it gets whopping 725 out 0f 750.

It has gparted and installation is Debian base bit like Yoper.

Mind you it is not only live it can be installed too.

It has basic graphic and multimedia capability but lacks a CD writer utility.

What I really like about is it has Abiword light.

This Mickey Mouse can do things (Abiword Light) what Microsoft (Word 2007) Gorilla in the dinner party does in a fraction of a second.

Hope they will add a CD burner in their next release.

It is an excellent light weight (not coming from LXDE) distribution.


Live CD scores 750 out of 750 and is a excellent live CD. It boots up fast and have lot of multimedia and audio software. CD burner is although an old version is K3B.
Desktop is sleek but little difficult to manipulate due large number of software included in the CD (should not consider as a weakness).

Packaging a lot in a CD is no easy task.

The departure from Abiword and Open Office and using K office is a good idea.

It has Skype and Adobe Reader with the DVD (heavy) version.

The DVD version even though heavy in content has blender and get over 1300 points.

I am going to install the DVD version and test the Blender and Adobe.

It is a good additional companion distribution to be installed with your favorite Linux.


Chakra has come of age.

It gets 740 out of 750.

It is light weight and has light weight Document Viewer instead of Abiword and Open office.

This change is a revelation for me having criticized both Open Office and Office 7.

I hear there is a light weight AbiWord too.

It has Skype, K3B and many attractions and has Arch base which is fast and efficient.

If you are fed up with heavy SuSe and Mandriva this is the one which fits your needs.

Its black background at installation is not suitable for an old man like me (I can put up with it, though) but this is probably a way to free RAM at installation.

I found it difficult to locate flash buttons and click buttons and they should improve on this in the next version.

Linux-100-06-ArchOne for Acer

ArchOne gets 905 well above the 750 points but not a light weight CD.

It is a DVD around 1.1 GB and has open office and Skype and Google inputs.

It is for Acer laptop but may work for other laptops.
I checked it on my laptop.
It is better than the previous version which I had problem with booting on my desktop.
ItsĀ  K-desktop is elegant.
Have fun and Arch flavour is going to last.

Linux-100-05-Tiny Me

This distribution of only 200 MB got 645 marks and boots up fast and installable.
It has features similar to Damn Small Linux with gparted for hard disk partitioning,

Unlike the previous version it detects hardware fast.Even though my favorite is DSL for its utility role this has everything for an emergency including editor and abiword and fits in your shirt pocket (a Live mini CD like DSL).
However it has no CD writer but it can create a live CD.