Berry Linux is like a red cherry to me.

It is one of the little distributions that I have in my laptop and desktop for show off.

It is pretty and cute.

Coming from Japan it has a English version unlike Vine and the little known and commercial version of TurboLinux (Japanese).

It seems some Japanese guys are suavy (Linux Guys / Girls) entering the global market in style like Chinese.

It gets over 800 points above my solid base line of 750.

Incidentally this was the first distribution I wanted to write about but for some unknown reason I started with Linux Mint.

Thank God for my lapses that it has had two new releases and today I saw it’s mini version.

Currently I am downloading it and the time I am waiting for it to be downloaded is used for this piece of writing.

The extra 50 points above the 750 points that I awarded was for this reason alone even without testing it.

I am pretty sure it is going to be good (not scientific? who cares?) even without seeing it.

It has wine which is an added bonus.

It is light and fast but only hitch was it’s Grub file which is unstable coming from Fedora base.

It cannot detect other multiple distributions efficiently.
Therefore one needs to install it first before other Linux distributions.

In another few minutes it will be downloaded (mini Version) and let me sign off now.
If need be, I will edit this page soon.
I tested the Mini it boots up well in Japanese but hangs up and goes into a reboot cycle.
I suppose one needs to edit the mistakes in English that goes to a “go to cycle” instead of next line of command and activity.
English is a funny Language!


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