Monthly Archives: May 2010

Yellow Dog 6.2

Apple MAC guys now you have a free version of Yellow Dog.
Go and download it run it and send me a post to write about.

I don’t have an Apple Mac and I don’t intend to buy one soon in spite of it’s nice Final Cut.

Linux Mint-Revisited

It is time for me to revisit Ububtu defivative Linux Mint.
I can now answer why it is high op on the list of choices made by newbies (and groovies like me) closely running neck and neck to PCLinux?

It is elegant and packs everything a newbie would like to have including open office (which bloats any new distribution).

It’s is attractive design takes the eyesore of Ubuntu brown out of sight.

It is green and makes Greenies (every green earthlings would be happy-with the oil spill of BP doing enormous damage to every earthling which even the Oboma administration cannot ignore) happy.

I have added another category called OEM (massive 100 points) which new manufactures with commercial bias cannot dare to ignore.

Now that the OEM is available Linux cannot be a pushover in the commercial world which some of the commercial Linux versions are ignoring.

Good luck to Linux Mint.


Linvo is an Ububtu based distributions that has the feel of Linux Mint and has Skype and wine included.
It is pretty good and gets 695 points.
Package management and upgrade side were bit dicey.
That is why it did not pass 750 mark which is my winning post.


Elive Enlightenment gets over 1000 points well above the 750 points for a Live CD.
I downloaded the unstable image from distromania (nobody can say I am a lifetime member of the band of distro=maniacs).
I have given extra 100 points for its commercial venture which is a new addition to my criteria list.
Linux guys and girls also live on rice and curry or fish and chips.

They also need to take home something for their efforts and sweat.

I recommend you go and buy the CD instead of going to distromania.

The buy is probably worth than the other fat commercial versions.

Mind you distromania is a very good repository for old and new distros.

Please feel free to visit them and register.

PCLinux-2010.1 and PCLinuxE17 plus XorduS

PCLinux-2010.1 and PCLinuxE17 are pretty good and reluctantly though I formatted my hard drive including home partition to install them in two of my computers.

I bet anybody who test the Live CDs would do that.

Both have Apple not Microsoft feel.
They are my gold standards and score is well above 1200 out of 750.

Hat’s off to the team and I hope they will soon come out with a Server Version.
Even though the Ubunbtu 10.4 was good its Server Version had some problem with My Server naming a for b and b for a (hard drives) and I had to use Debian to correct the Grub File.
Debian’s XorduS with net install of all the (top ten) major Linux distribution is making life easy for newbies and groovies,


For 400 odd megabytes this live CD with Xfce is one of the best and very very fast to boot.

Once in the in the internet you are directed to the enormous resource base of DEBIAN and is a clear winner in the light weight category.

Hat’s off to you at Debian.

It has given a knock out punch to all other Live CDs and hence, I want allocate any marks except stating it should be taken as a Benchmark to assess others.

Linux-100-ALT Linux

ALT Linux still disappoints me since its CD Version is only in Russian.

Its School Light version I downloaded is also in Russian.

The DVD version is heavy and has English.
Why cant the Russian learn some English (French too) and storm the market with a good distro?


I am patiently waiting the download which is taking an unusually long time.
It has doubled its capacity and hence will lose some points in my scale.
The claims for bloating is justified since it is not of the same mold as DSL and LXDE (takes more graphic bits).
It beats easy peasy by having administrator facility (root) and command line administration and testing network traffic.
Extra 200MB has been well utilized.
Gets 840 out of 750.
Simple, Elegant and Excellent job by the NimbleX Team.


This gets 740 out of 750 and a pleasing Ubuntu based desktop and laptop distributions.
It does not get 750 simply because it does not have the root administrator ability.
It is of the same mold as Linux mint but like Kubuntu graphics are pleasing.
It is a pleasing easy to mange easy-peasy and any newbie would be happy to have if they tend to dislike Ubuntu.
But remember it is Ubunbtu based only the flavour and appearance are different.