PCLinux-2010.1 and PCLinuxE17 plus XorduS

PCLinux-2010.1 and PCLinuxE17 are pretty good and reluctantly though I formatted my hard drive including home partition to install them in two of my computers.

I bet anybody who test the Live CDs would do that.

Both have Apple not Microsoft feel.
They are my gold standards and score is well above 1200 out of 750.

Hat’s off to the team and I hope they will soon come out with a Server Version.
Even though the Ubunbtu 10.4 was good its Server Version had some problem with My Server naming a for b and b for a (hard drives) and I had to use Debian to correct the Grub File.
Debian’s XorduS with net install of all the (top ten) major Linux distribution is making life easy for newbies and groovies,


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