Why Mandriva Live (One) is not included?

Mandriva spring edition has done a poor remake of its Live CD.
I downloaded its 684 MB to see that it over shoots the CD by 32 MiB.
I cut a DVD and boots it to see it hangs Up in my desktop with adequate RAM.

Or is it this 64 bit version I am trying / using?

Try boot it with my Laptop.
Hangs up again!

Try download a new copy / iso image and after 684 MiB goes in to over shoot mode and even after 777 (it should be 007 of James Bond variety) it says unknown time of downloading.

I quit and write this nasty or in fact a Fact of Life for a newbie to order a copy (rather buy one).

This is a sad ploy by Mandriva becoming unbecoming!

I quit I have to test Dream Linux or Qimo and no more Mandriva please.

Same problem with Salix Live and Server breaks up!


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