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Knoppix Linux has celebrated its 10th anniversary with a smashing LXDE CD/DVD version.

Unlike previous version it can now be installed to hard disk.

Knoppix is the best Live CD available for a newbie.
It boots up fast and now I am writing this for everybody to see.
It can be mounted on a Flash drive.
Unlike old editions it can be mounted on the hard drive too.
If you decide to mount it on your hard drive make sure that you have saved all your important files!
It has virtual box and can mount other operating systems if one wishes.
The memory for the virtual box can be allocated depending on the system’s availability. I am one who does not fancy this scenario. It is far better to dual boot rather than taxing the resources one has (RAM).
Well done boys and girls!


Pure adaptable Linux distribution, Paldo is one for the savvy.
It takes over 900 points in my scale of points.

It has gparted, root and administrative functions that are basic needs of a Linux distribution, if one wants to delve into inner workings of Linux.

It has taken an innovative approach.

ScentLinux a derivative of Paldo is not a live CD but installable.

Try both and enjoy Linux.

I am looking for it’s next innovation.


Zenwalk is a derivative of Slackware which has organized itself like a Zen Master in meditation, rigid in discipline and conduct of its affairs.

I was waiting for its next release (2010 Live CD) but it never came and I have to preempt and write something now before I forget to include it in my 100 Linux live CDs.

It is of the mold of PCLinux, innovative in one sense and conservative in another sense.

It’s live CD is xfce based has everything except installation script.

It has proprietary drivers in stock and works with both old and new computers.

It has Core CD, Standard Cd, Live CD, Zencafe, a new edition and several updates of its install CD and an open box version.
It is light weight, fast to boot and connect to internet instantly and it’s home page is excellent.

It has all the ingredients I look for and is stable.

If I was not hooked to PCLinux this would have been my first choice.

Please read it’s reviews (from user base) before you decide on it or believe me.

Please also give a donation and I hope they come out with a Live CD with install option for me to try, soon.

Well done!


Arch based Chakra has come of age but still have teething problems (not milk teeth but permanent molars)

Chakra has done a good job and has taken away black screen and has introduced the light KDE desktop.
Boots up quickly and connect to web without a hassle.
It has Avahi and Konquer which probably has saved lot of MiBs.
K3b is a value added disk burner.
The installer is still in black screen, probaly to save Mib but would make a newbie nervous and me somewhat blind.
This is the same criticism I (black screen) I leveled against it (Dark and black background) but Chakra has come of age and it has everything a savvy needs.

Thanks guys / girls.

We must offer generous donations if we care them to survive in the long run.
This writing was done live Chakra booted and running without any stain on my RAM.
They have included a neat script with passwords which is admirable.

By the way I downloaded Orion (ubuntu derivative) with 1.3 GiB and could not mount it.
There is no hint of the password for alpha in its release or documentation.
In a hurry for the release most developers forget simple things.

Thanks for including the password script which others should emulate.
There are no colour fonts since I am working live CD on RAM.


Recovery is Possible is the mission of R.I.P. Linux and stands true to it’s name.

All the utilities packed in its 100 MiB Live CD is something a Linux savvy should have in his pocket Live CD.

I have not tested any of the utilities since my PCLinux 2010 does not give any headaches in spite of 200 odd downloads and the daily use and testing of other Linux distributions.

It is something a Microsoft guy should have to solve Microsoft’s problems including many viruses.

It’s release cycle is fast and updates come by the minute.

It rivals only the Damn Small Linux = DSL (which of course is Debian based and have very slow release cycles) which I use when I am in any trouble.

Well done!


I had some difficulty downloading this partly due to the server (parent) problem and partly due to Telecoms inability to provide uninterrupted service.
Chinese developers have done a good job and hope they provide us a good server and updates.
it is Debain based and attractive adding Google services.


Mandriva, then Unity and now the next derivative lives up to its name chameleon changes its skin colour faster than it promises in its announcement.

What it has done with 500 MiB is an excellent achievement,

This is an eye candy distribution
even an apple convert might enjoy.

Like PCLinux-2007 it should develop its own repository and its own community to support.

No wonder it will give a healthy competition to PCLinux and a headache or two.

It should have at least 4 versions and like Netrunner2 (Mixture of KDE and Genome but heavy) take few of the Gnome packages into its armory but should not get loaded like the Netrunner2 (do not bloat it).

Make it slim and beautiful that’s where LXDE is a good candidate for a different flavour.

Well done guys and girls and develop your home site accordingly to attract new fans.

I am going to be one of your fans.