The is the best Middle Weight (version 4) category (1.7 GB) of Linux distributions that I have downloaded so far.

Nealy 12 hours of downloading it (pay for 50 bits per second but it is snail pace of 15 to 20 bits-my Linux computer records it accurately) in Sri-Lanka it was worth the wait and the weight in MiBs.

The version 3 has enough utilities and is only 1.0 GB.

It has all the utilities one needs to operate an old or new computer.
It has lots of Audio and Video packages and Blender too.
(XMBC which has problems with configuring the mouse and its resource craving make one feels light weight and happy with LXDE and AVLinux).

A Debian derivative once mounted (Live or Installed) one can download a Linux iso and use Unebooting to make a distribution that can be mounted (OLD-computer without USB booting) with a USB drive.

It is important that one understand the working of Linux before one uses this distribution especially when using Gparted.

This is a distribution for a newbie as well as a savvy.
You can connect your iPod too.
This is something I wanted badly to promote in Linux community, if one cannot change iTunes to another format why not beat it (after having bought it).

Please do not confuse with aLinux which is a peanut Linux derivative which I tried sevearal times but have my own reservation recommending to a newbie.

Note worth Recording
I downloaded Genitoo 10.1 Live CD of 2.5 MiB and found that I could not install it on hard disk.
This is what I call Heavy Weight Distributions of no use.

If few MiB cannot be allocated for the Installing it is an utter waste of downloading where it takes 12 hours (Electricity Bill Sky Rocketing) to download 1.5 GB (Sri-Lanka).
India may be no better.
I downloaded six months of toil in Sri-Lanka in couple of hours in Singapore, airport included.
I wonder where the foreign aid to develop our infrastructure is going?
Our Ministers cannot even mange Sports including Cricket.
IT they do not have the knowledge of 15 year old computer kid (Wizard).
So be it!

Go and download this distribution and send a contribution too, to the developers.

I have copied its introduction from Softpedia.
Please read the full content from Softpedia.

Directly copied.

AV Linux 3.0 is a LiveDVD ISO image that is a self-contained, full-featured computer Operating System.  

It was created using the Debian GNU/Linux Testing branch and Remastersys.

This Live DVD ISO image can be downloaded, burned onto any DVD-R(W) and then booted and demonstrated on virtually any recent Windows PC without any effect on the existing OS.

If the user desires it can be installed to the Hard Drive either on it’s own or “dual-boot” with an existing Windows or Linux OS. Once installed AV Linux transforms the users computer into a full-blown Audio/Video Workstation ready to use!

The User Interface features the very lightweight and efficient LXDE 0.5.0 Desktop Environment.

It’s well-rounded program selection covers most every common everyday computer tasks, it features a full complement of the best F/OSS Multimedia Applications available allowing users to enjoy Multitrack Audio Recording and Mixing, Video Capturing, Editing and Converting, DVD Authoring and Creation, iPod Tools and much more.

AV Linux also contains Hard Drive utilities making it an excellent troubleshooting and rescue solution.

Keep an Older PC Productive:

Computer Operating Systems continue to become more and more resource intensive, many times people upgrade their Operating Systems in the hope of improving their system only to be terribly disappointed when their existing hardware isn’t sufficient to even run the supposed “upgrade”.

PC’s have actually been powerful enough for Multitrack Audio and DVD Video Editing since the late 1990’s but with the latest Operating Systems wasting precious CPU and RAM on superficial eye candy many potentially productive computers end up being relegated to closets, basements, garages and even worse to garbage dumps and landfills.

The chilling legacy of our “disposable” societal mindset is already evident in so-called “tech dumps” in rural China and many other places intentionally well hidden from the comforts of the developed world.

By combining the general efficiency of Linux and enhancing it further with a light Desktop Environment like LXDE I consider it an AV Linux mandate to keep older PC’s in daily use.

I’ve personally encountered dozens of people who truly believe it isn’t possible to build a home recording studio without buying a brand new Mac or PC and spending thousands of dollars on commercial software.

The AV Linux Live DVD serves to demonstrate that this is not necessarily true .

There is more to read. Please visit Softpedia download.


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