SuperOS is a distribution that I have mounted on my laptop but rarely used, just to have the feel of Ubuntu for demonstrations.

It has Wine and Skype.

Open office is the hindrance to it’s development.

Could have been abiword instead and added few more utilities with the new release.

I was waiting for the new release to write home about it but hardly anything new with only a graphic face lift.

The is the price one has to pay when trying to emulate Microsoft.

It probably has something for the laptops but not way above others.

It is of the middle weight category and slow to boot but I prefer it rather than Ubuntu.


Linux people should never have the Megalomaniacs names like what you get in the commercial counterparts.

It should shed some of its graphic weights and open office (get open office from its repositories) weight and include blender and gambase (Visual basic counterpart but much better) mobile media converter (like PCLinux genome edition) and iTune compatibility.

If they think like Linux mint and have few more versions including OEM edition surely it can live up to SuperOS .

I think they should drop this megalomaniac name and go something similar to Mint, Peppermint, Imagine, Element and the like.

English names are disappearing very fast.

Grab hold of one before it is too late.

My humble contribution is to go for Sensation instead.

Vanity is another name which may foot the bill but not Superman or Spiderman or Batman.

They only have a historical value.

Linux is too mature to go for Super mentality.

Linux is super anyway!

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