I downloaded at least 4 different aLnux CDs and none of them kept the promise the peanut Linux (small and efficient) from which it originated.
There was a problem with restart to begin with.
Boot loader was inconsistent and could not figure out my complex (not really) partitions at boot time.
I had to re-install my favorite light weight Linux distribution soon after.

I lost interest in it but quiet by accident I found aLive in the bottom of the list of 100 Linux in Distrowatch listing.
Finally aLive (aLinux) has produced a sleek live CD and I was quiet impressed by its performance.
It has packed lot of utilities in 700MiB which is an amazing feat while having KDE as X-windows(Graphic face is very attractive).

They have done lot of original work and what I like most is its packaging of its own creations under a-Linux/ a-Live.

Now I have cleared you from some of the early blemishes (still cannot restart after a session but with a few lines in the start up script one can rectify it- in the next release) you are going to ascend in the listing of Distrowatch in no time.

I am waiting to see your next release!
Good Luck guys and girls.


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