Another gem coming from Ubuntu family with E17-Enlightenment, X-Windows.
Breaking out of the boring brown Ubuntu it has produced an attractive live CD.
I have tried PCLinux-E17 (not quiet impressed yet) too but I have some reservation.

Both of them should look at Elive (which is the best Enlightenment package for me) and improve the out put of amazing E17.

Elive has a huge fan base due to change of its practice of letting the user uses ( test it) it before sending a donation.
This novel approach has made Linux very, very, user friendly.

Who will by a product without testing?

This is the failure on the part of Mandriva which make the user depend on its services and no feedback is possible.

Every new donation come from a happy Linux user but not from a grumpy user who had used Microsoft before (often a pirated copy)!

I hate pirates!
Mind you this comes from France.


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