Morphix is something that I downloaded for testing and then completely forgot about it.

I was looking for gamers which Linux even now sadly lacking and this was one of the few that morphed form Debian into a successful distribution way back in 2003 when live CDs were not in vogue and I was immature to Linux.

But it has everything I am (now) looking for.
Debian base and hence stable.
Morphed into modules hence assembling is easy.
It is light weight and boots fast with many options at boot time.

Problem is that it has gone into long five year hibernation.

According to Alex it is in coma.

Thank god he left all 4 versions in various iso sites.

I am going to download all now that without them me writing a review is absurd.

Morphix Team should wake up from slumber and it is a distribution which should not be in the attic.

It has all the virtues.

You know when some body wakes up from a coma it feels very fresh and there is lot of energy left.

My kick-ass mentality is the only way to make one realizes its potential.

I am waiting are you ready.


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