There are only few Linux distribution that are developed for Higher Education in mind.
Based on Rehat Scientific Linux is one of them. Fermi Linux is another also based on Redhat.
Debian also has produced DVD for this purpose.
Out of all the three in addition to DVD Scientific Linux has series of 5 CDs and a Live CD. I have downloaded the five 5.3 CDs and they are pretty good. I prefer the Cd series since downloading the DVD is next to impossible with our Telecom.

I tried someone from outside to (all little knowledge) download it and post it to me for the past 12 months and failed.

Then for my luck Scientific Linux 5.5 produced a DVD which was around 2 GB and with some difficulty after 3 days of trying I manged to download a full DVD and test it.
It is pretty good and stable with almost all the Linux packages necessary for educational purposes and if one is missing the facility for downloading it from a repository.

This is one of the best in the heavy weight category even though I prefer a lighter weight product.


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