Now I am nearing the last 30 or so distributions before reaching the century, it is high time that I talk about Knoppix.

I followed Knoppix evolution from its 3.1 version.

Mind you there was an attempt to produce a Sinhala version and when Anuradha went to support the then President during tsunami its progress abruptly stopped!

I hope the team would revive it.

Then I was new to Linux and I did know how to boot and prepare partitions. this was the on;y one I could mount and look at the file structure and the general organization of Linux apart from enjoying and using it.
It has spawned many version in many language.

is the Checkoslovian (I believe) edition base on 2003 Knoppix.

StreamBOX is a German version specialized on music.

I will add to this list as I find and test many of its versions.



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