Debian 6 supports installation in Sinhala.

I have tested all the recent CD editions and few DVDs and they are excellent.

It has enormous repository with about 60,000 packages. what more you need.

It is not for the weak hearts and is  for dedicated Linux guys and not one who wants just to flirt around with Linux.

DebianThe new releases of Debian 5.0.6 has forced me to write this.
Everybody is changing perhaps taking a cue or two from me and introducing a variety of Live CDs with different X-Windows front.

Linux is / was neither resource crave nor crazy to begin with.

Why it has taken this much time to change its course
towards its humble beginning to rediscover its true nature of sparing its graphic resources and making it not hard on hardware and at the same time sharing and utilizing processor efficiently is a pertinent question to me.

It nice to see Debiain is again leading the race unlike the commercial distribution open source or otherwise.
It has produced a series of Live CDs for us.

I am currently downloading the first of the series and it might take time for me to write some comments.
So this post is to alert the newbies and savvy and make others interested in Linux.

It is a good ploy Debian should invest time and resources.

Thank again for broad basing Debian so that many newbies will be following Debian.

After all Debian is the Godfather of Linux.


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