I have been very busy, if not I may have finished the last phase (last 25 of the 100) my entries by now. I have already downloaded over 200 CD and DVDs in spite of the very slow throughput of our Telecom.
Guys / Girls of the Sri-Lankan doing a very good job with very limited resources they have.
Hats off for them for they are heading and giving a welcome hearing to my constructive comments.
Peo TV is very good venture and giving out a router which is above the Operating System in I.P. / T.P. protocol (Year ago the Modem did not support Linux) so that user can decide which operating system to use.

However, they are far behind in Telecom’s innovations such as AsteristNow and the PABX. As far as Linux they are nowhere near international standards.

Coming back to Deft. it is a forensic distribution I fished out of Distromania archives. Apart form general utilities it has number of forensic utlitlis.

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