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If you a Christian newbie this is for you.

Now that I have secured an iso for myself and the full copyright of that iso’s name as Go.Go-F.O.F. Linux I am thankful to God and all Linux Developers for providing me with the download facility of AOGOS Linux. 

This is a Christian Slackware Linux which is fantastic to learn Linux Tricks.

It is a version that you can carry your Linux Distribution and the Bible in a Pendrive or a DVD.

I was bit unhappy that this was a zip image especially thinking that I have to learn the Bible to perform Linux tricks. 

Being a Buddhist I was more than irritated.

Even though it was three (3 AM) in the morning I did not want to go to sleep without burning an iso.

I am safe doing this since all the other Buddhists are fast asleep now.

I went to Softpedia.

Looked at the page description.

This is a good web page and I could find the way to do it / make an iso.

1. Extract the zip file to a folder named AOGOS.

2. Then go to the boot folder and open it.

3. Find the file.

4. Open a terminal window in Linux

5. Drop the into the terminal window and hit enter.

6. Find the iso and make a boot CD in K3B.

It writes an image in the download folder as a boot.iso.
It gives an option for you to give a name for the iso.

Please do not do that. just for now.

It took ages for me to find the name of the new iso
(name is boot.iso) but I knew it was there since my download folder was almost full.

Eventually I booted up the DVD.

It is good as gold.

It is new NFlux box.

right click not writeclique and go to Firefox and then you are at FreeBible web site.

Well done Boys and Girls (Good Christians) who developed this

Only downside is even the Christians in this country are poor in money affairs but not in virtues, they cannot afford a DVD drive and DVD (twice the price of CD).

I hope a CD iso can be made since nFlux is not heavy in its armaments (sorry, for my terminology this is a post military country now, habits are too ingrained and diehard).

Now let me tell you why I did not want you to name the iso file.

I renamed it as the Oh-GoD-Linux and saved it in my archives for any Christian friend of mine who asks for it will have it free if he or she gives me a blank DVD.

Or I can rename it as Do-Do Linux and give it to any friend of mine.

The most interesting part of this CD/DVD is that it has Laminin as a logo (in its desktop image ) that binds all the cells to basement membrane as an anchor) which is almost a replica of the Cross.

Unlike Buddhists who are deeply divided with all the Laminins broken this DVD and the Laminin will bind all the Christians of this country together.

It is a good Christmas Gift for kids.

P.S. (5-11-20100)
Sorry for the glaring mistakes in English which I think were corrected today (5th November).
Who cares for Queen’s English in this country especially 3 A.M in the morning, me half awake and trying to burn an iso and run it to see its virtues.
Even the Telecom and the kids who say I am Sri-Lanka would be proud of my English.
When we begin to say “We are Sri-Lankans” but not “I am Sri-Lankan”

God save the Queen and her English!

Clockwork Precision

Clockwork precision is something lacking in this country in workman’s skills as well as in time management. 

I leaned it from my father and the colleague principal who taught me the basics of it and the value of it which I perfected it in the Western World.

In the Labour Era (not the current one that ended recently) which ended with Mr. Arther Scargill, Mr. Tony Ben, Mr.Ken Livingston and many other names that I forget workers were well organized and down to earth and work to precision in London and suburbs (with the inflow foreign migrants including Eastern Block this tradition of working according to clock and round the clock has slowly and surely disappeared, with conservative’s sweeping role of market reforms and greed instead of welfare society eroded to an extent that I decided coming back home was better option than of becoming a Senior Citizen there shivering in cold winter expecting the summer to sooner than late) and maintained the British economy vibrant.

It is no better here for a Senior Citizen except for politicians with clout.
The time and time management was ingrained in the minds of workers then.

Then came the goals, finishing targets and profits that ended up in stock market crisis.

Strangely now Americans are talking about social welfare and they cannot achieve the targets of their choice in time frame before elderly succumbs in ill fate.

What I am writing is not about the time management mentioned above but about the clock itself.

That itself is not the grandfather clock but the tiny digital wrist watch of mine which I used for the the last 16 years.

Before that I must write a few of the stupidest things I have done.

The things I did before going abroad was more ridiculous.

When ever I go abroad the first thing I used to do is to buy the most expensive wrist watch I could afford somewhat like a status symbol (I once lost one of them but was able to claim insurance-that was the only time I had claimed insurance in spite of heavy premiums I paid) and when I leave again buy something bit expensive. 

This has become a liability when I come home.

I used to hire a taxi from Kandy to Colombo for Rupees 600 those days and I had several favorite and good drivers to take me all round the country (I was true tourist not the stingy white skinned ones that come here for boys now) and when ever I leave the drivers ask me,
“Sir Mata Oya Wage Orolosuwak Denna Badida; Sir Can you give me a wristwatch like what you have“. 

One fine day I was in a good mood I gave it to the driver and told him it is expensive and take care.

This is the guy who used to take a famous films star around the country and he never got any presents for the film star guy.

He was happy and I was bit unhappy, to tell you the truth but overcame that attachment in good time.

When I came the next time he was very unhappy. the reason being his lodging was ransacked within a few months and he lost most of the valuables including the wrist watch I gave him.

This incident changed my outlook completely and from then onwards I used to buy the most inexpensive (sometimes children’s ones) for daily use and disposed all my other comparatively expensive wrist watches whoever who had some liking for them (mostly relatives).

This change (buying the cheapest and not looking at it) was consolidated when Ms. Chandrika was the President and her clock work activity was in direct competition with that of mine for 11 years.

The story about my clock is very simple.

One of my cheap (not the cheapest -I had brought from abroad) watches stopped working.

I went to a watchmaker in Kandy who was very good and showed him the watch.

He looked at it and said nothing can be done.

I walked in, to buy a new one and he called me back and said he can put a circuit for Rupees 240.

I asked him how long will it last and does it keep the time correct.

Ten years without a problem and it is Korean one he said.

I obliged and it was working for the last 16 years except for the brief period of one month.

I was busy and yesterday I went to another shop to change the battery.

The inexperienced girl there checked the battery and said it is OK but the circuit was faulty.

I could not believe it.

I asked her to check it with a new battery.

Result was the same.

She fiddled with the contact points then called an older lady to help and she fiddled with it some more and put some anti-corrosion oil and said, nothing doing.

After all this I told them for 16 years this worked all right and I paid only rupees 240 and I cannot find my favorite watchmaker and I left saying that my eyesight is weak, otherwise I would have found what was wrong.

All in all I now made my own diagnosis.

It is mechanical and nothing but.

I came home late and I left the watch in the drawer but only after a little fiddling and thinking that I would attend to it sometime later.

So. did I find the time and fiddled with it and it is working now perfectly.

This how SriLanka operates.

Either the workman / work woman was / were not properly trained or they were trained to cheat.

I will not pass the judgment on this issue but only state that honesty has no place in this country.

The man who ran the shop with the honest watchmaker vanished within five years.

The owner raised the rental and I never so him after that not even in the pavement.

This is the status of life in this Serendib.

I am almost in my retirement I want the clock to stop lest I get older than now.

Tea and Cookies

It is time for me talk and Tea and Cookies, now that I am well above my target of 100 Linux derivatives with lot of cookies in them.
This is not about the cookies that are behind one’s browser or cookies that Linux developers put out almost everyday but real cookies we love at tea time. 

But unfortunately SriLankan cookies are getting expensive by the day with American flour is up roosting on top of the roof and coconuts are hitting the ceiling in prices, I am bound by duty to talk about cookies the kids love.

If not my grandpa role is of no use.

If I talk about baby rusks it is beyond the reach of our average citizen mother and father.

The ordinary cookies are also expensive and their quality is getting poorer. If a packet is above rupees fifty (which is the price of bread now) we SriLankan prefer bread and sambol to American cookies.
The reason for the cookies getting poor in quality is probably due to the companies cutting corners with all the ingredients making cookies going up in price to save expenses and maintaining the profit margins within their target range.

I am now down two or three varieties that maintain the quality but with the price well above what it used to be. If the price keeps going up perhaps I have to give up eating them.

As regard to tea, it actually sky rocketed well before the budget and with milk is up in price we have to cut down our habit of drinking tea.
In the office now it is black tea and I have stopped drinking it by default.

With this all gloom, there is a silver lining in the sky.
Reason for writing this is to highlight that fact.

One of our SriLankan companies just celebrated its 20 years in existence.

It produces an excellent ice tea priced little above Coca Cola.
Coca Cola is the number one company in America and this SriLankan company can beat it if they do a good market adventure and aggressively promote the tea here in SriLanka and abroad in Middle east and then slowly hit the markets in America.

Coca Cola is junk.
Nescafe is bad for your heart.

SriLankan Tea is healthy and protects our hearts should be the motto.


Like Damn Small Linux and Puppy Linux the Feather Linux is a Beauty.

I always believed the concept “Small is Beautiful”.
This is and example in addition to DSL.

I was DSL fan to begin with.

When I was new to Linux and when I first bought the Linux Bible by Christopher Naegus (I have three different editions now, latest one I bought few months ago after a 6 year Gap), and in those boot from Floppy Disk days, there were only a few Live CDs (Knoppix was there but I did not know about Puppy then-Puppy is one of my favorites now with over 25 varieties in my possession) that I copied form one of the CD/DVDs that came with the book. 

I booted up live and enjoyed Linux and its utilities.


Just little over 100 MiB can do wonders which 1000 MiBs or GBs cannot.

It is a Knoppix derivative by the way!

One thing they did best was if you are unable to get to the internet they did it in double quick time (with a router easily but with with Sri-Lankan Telecom modems with some difficulty).  

Today I used Dillo and I could not sign up with Google (that was basic test based browser without cookies) and bit fiddly with my keyboard too but I managed to post this in Firefox (that I did not see at first glance).

Abiword is there xPDF is there, Xmms is there and many more.

Pretty fast to boot too.

Today just for testing downloaded 700 MiB of STUX (which STUCK) after half an hour of struggling it could not configure my NV Graphic Card and configured non existent devs and I was scared it will bust my Graphic Card all because it was trying to mount all its compressed files into RAM.  

It could not give me a console (or consolation prize) to exit or a killall command.

I had to switch off the computer by getting into a null state (I call it null state) a non existent command in Linux (just wait a while and switch off the computer with the hand on your chest with gospel words in my mouth-but beware the graphic card and RAM-which I burnt those days and also mid night oil learning Linux all by myself with no Guru to help).  

Thanks a lot the Guys and Girls at Feather Linux.

Keep up the good work.

It is long time since I booted Feather Linux.

You will have lot of feathers in your caps.

Thanks again!

Biophysics-02 and Biodiversity

Biological live agents has the capacity to duplicate themselves either by sexual or asexual means. In mathematical sense this is easy to comprehend but what goes behind the scene is very complex.

Man is very good at converting and producing by products from animal material and it is emerging there are over 184 pig products in the market.

This is same for cow too but cell division and its organization into about 600 to 1000 cell derivatives has taken billions of years of duplications and organizations. That is where the biophysics operate and man can never duplicate that sequence however much he tries.

Biophysics unlike simple physics and chemistry works at a rigid thermal atmosphere since bio-molecules especially proteins cannot stand high temperature.

High temperature and curing that include tanning make these biological materials commercially useful. Gelatin and fibrin are two of them used for making texture of food attractive but have no food value at all.

This short article highlight some of the mathematical concepts involved in biophysics and not their modifications in the commercial world.

It is binary mathematics of duplication somewhat similar to binary computer mathematics. How 256 characters and 0 and 1 are used for modules in computing, in the biological world about 2500 to 25.000 large biological molecules (not-nanoparticles) give the diversity around biological structure.

It is said that genetic code doubles itself every 3 to 5 million year cycles and this event why it happens we do not know but heralds new species on this planet.

For example the change that occurred from chimpanzee to human occurred when this cycle of duplication occurred last time on this planet.

In about 65 million years ago we so dinosaurs disappeared but the cockroaches who remained would have told us the story in detail if they had computerized brains in their possession.

But we have to surmise what went on and what went wrong then.

This is written in the same conceptual framework what we know is little what we do not is enormous.

What will become of this planet we do not know in way the biodiversity is changing in every nick and corner of this planet from deep sea to mount Everest.

Coming back to my mathematics 2 is the base.

The other base is 10 the log base and log normal.

In biology there is a tendency for log normal behaviour in time scale.

Put these figures together I derive 20..

The figure 20 is my figure for looking at the available species and make some deductions.

For example take a plant (an animal) from a site (area should be defined) and see whether there are 20 similar pants not interbreeding (definition of species difference) at the same site.

If we see a site with that number it is a biological hotspot.

I wonder whether we have any to fit this description or anybody has done this calculation before. (we can argue about the veracity of the number 20 till the cows come home with a pipe and arm chair critics) in an observational manner but the point I am arriving at is that we look at a whole country and say (for example Sri-Lanka) we a re bio-rich is a total misconception.

I have arrive at a figure by simple observation of my neighbourhood for every three plants I see in my garden we have lost another 17 in the last 100 years or so.

It is said that the anaconda (Ana conda is a Sri-Lankan name) type of snake had been sited in Sri-lanka by foreign invaders about 200 years ago.

Where are they now?

The corollary to my argument is that if we can collect 20 similar species in an environment that environment is conducive for biodiversity.

I can give two examples of my childhood.

We could have identified at least 10 varieties of tortoises and 100 varieties of butterflies less than 50 years ago.

Bizarre use of insecticides in agriculture and DDT in particular (thanks to WHO – Sinhalen who) by ill conceived pundits in the health sector has done irrevocable damage to our biodiversity.

Final nail will come when the two Coal Power plants are operational.

Problem in my argument is that there are no true scientist left in this country to take my argument forward with observational data in spite of 40 years of free education in mother tongue.

We have not produced a single biological scientist that we can say were nominated for Nobel Prize in 40 years of free education,.leave alone winning it.

By producing private universities this cannot be remedied since they are profit oriented.

We lack Think Tanks in power and also in opposition..

Think tanks are there when they are in opposition!

We have thin tanks how to get to power and remain there for ever.

We need to produce outstanding thinkers.

We are sadly lacking in that endeavour.!

Rapid and Progressive Development of the Self and the Country

All these ideas have come to my mind from my childhood and I am nearing the twilight years and my memory is failing I thought of itemizing them (not in any particular order or merit to be put in a sealed Pendrive and placed in my coffin) for future historian to have a bird’s eye view of the real (my) life in Sri-Lanka.


The reason being the written history will be of the rulers and their descendants not an average citizens (if I consider myself as a representative sample / cross section) like me and my average thinking capacity.
1. Item number one is giving astrologers a paid holiday for 10 years for not predicting the outcome correctly for the would be voters for next ten years (cost of living, per capita income and tax rebates).
2. Then I would like to appoint gecko as our national symbol and replace all the astrologers with household geckos during the period of paid holiday of the astrologers.
3. Third one would be to put the clock forward (summer time in the West) at least by half an hour to coincide with the Greenwich (I used to pass Greenwich but never bothered to visit it) time.

This will not affect the ruling party since its fate is sealed and consolidated and they can actually sleep the extra half an our but the average citizen now has to work day and night to make ends meet.

Even in winter I used to get up by 6.30 to 7 am and listen to the radio (Terry Vorgan in the morning and Parkinson in the night) in London with freezing cold weather, with global warming and the average temperature 10 degrees up in this country, nobody should grumble.


In Sri-Lanka I used to get up as a school child at 4.30 to 5.00 am (no electricity then) with the milkman’s call getting up in London at 7 am was a blessing but average Londoner woke up at 7.30 am to go to work at 9 am.


In my case I was in the workplace (resident quarters free of charge-these were the time of early of Labour Party) and I did not have to commute and if I got up at 8.30 am it was enough time for me to get ready.


So put the clock forward and start work before Indians get up.


We have a head start in the global market and arena.


4. The fourth item is to axe all the religious holidays and have one national holiday for each religion.


This item I like very much and it has lot of advantages for the government but not the prisoners of conviction.


For example if a prisoner is convicted for one year he actually spend only about 150 days in the cell and all the other days with holidays are exempted.


We can make a prisoner stay one month longer especially the politically dangerous ones.


But there is a down side of this proposal.


The government would loose lot of revenue as excise taxes and duties.


For example all the Buddhist who consume alcohol take 3 to 4 times the quota of alcohol the day before Poya, in case the home is dry.


Poya day is any way dry and alcohol is the only one that raises the spirit of the rich Buddhists and equally an average Buddhist too.


I am sure the government can devise some remedy from the brains of the 150 odd yes men in parliament if the clause except parliamentarians (even the opposition will be with the government) is placed inside Act as a parliamentary privilege.


Where else one can find such fine wine except in the parliamentary lobby?


5. Band all cell phones in government institutions. This will increase the productivity by leaps and bounds.


I have estimated an average government servant get 20 to 30 calls a day (not related to work).


Some of them I have seen doing stock market betting while sitting on the computer pretending to do some laborious official work.


The alternative is to have all cell phones connected to public address system so that the citizens who come to get a birth certificate or some letter will hear them and get really worked up about the efficient service the government provides.


6. Sixth item is the real nut cracker of an idea that I hit upon recently.


Get Fast Forward Fonseka type Flaw Finding (5Fs Methods of Legal Reforms) aggressive judicial structure instituted in this country and give an ultimatum for all the pending cases to be finished in double quick time in 6 weeks with or without evidence, witness, productions or trial.


Then even the American senate members who love filibustering will come here for their PhDs.


7. I have many more like not digging ancient archives, archeological sites and not erecting mega religious structures but these are very minor considering the first five or six I have tabulated.


Very beautiful KDE 3.5 Linux distribution that comes from Spain is cute, functional and fast boot up.
I am not sure it has English version but with or without English it an amazing Little distribution.
The server connection broke at least 10 times and i had to download many a times without a success but the wait and my perseverance was worth the trouble.

I hope English version should come sooner than late.
Good one!.
Thanks guys and girls at WiFIWay.