Debian based distributions that would help one to use an old computer (new computers too) without dumping into attic or waste.

The idea is eco-friendly use of computers as long as the hardware are functioning.
One can add second, third or 4th computer at home or office doing some useful function.
I have many at home networked only my laptop is brand new.

All of them are secondhand some (including a server) were thought to be useless by secondhand vendors but doing useful work at home and my office. 

The eco-friendly idea is catching fast in the West very soon we may not be able get secondhand computers for the price we paying now but that is beside the point. We must not waste of our resources.

Linux unlike Microsoft is helping the masses (comparatively poor but not intellectually).

This is a goo one.

I think developers are listening to some of my comments the idea of 100 Linux distributions should be in everybody’s mind.
I never thought the response will be this good.
Imagine we have over 100 Live Cds to choose.
It is a wonderful feeling.

Fantastic Guys and Girls!

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