New generation new concept with science students (with Eclipse) in mind is a USB stick installed and persistent Linux distribution to carry as a Pendrive.
It has brand new KDE and very attractive front face

This is something we should give Sri-Lankan students who carry a lorry load of books in their back. It has multimedia capability and In proper hand carry all the science books in e-format. 

Even though I talk much about Linux, Pendrive Linux is my future and in retirement.
I do not carry much to my grave apart from few Flash drives with some information for grave diggers to identify me.
I could not get it to install in the hard rive but that is a miner matter.
It comes from Germany with English as a second language.
I hope this will spawn a new wave of Pendrive Linux.
That is my ultimate dream.
In 10 years time I may not be able to buy a computer from the paltry subsistance I will have.
I hope by then the Flash drive will have some music capability with Radio stations live too with ear phones attached since I may need hearing aids too if I live that long.


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