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Google, Chrome, Cloud Conputing and the Future of Communication

It is fitting to post the 200th and end my blogging exercise with some note on Cloud Computing.

I was one who was always concerned with the bulk we carry to school and work.

Light weight and agility with nimble footing was something I liked to treasure when young and in old age.

When I see SriLankan children carry gunny loads of books on their back. I pause to think of the wisdom of our Educationalists who do not understand the physical and physiological mechanics and making of a young child. 

They also do not understand how the world is changing from factual world to interactive IT world and web utilities.

Big books bring fear in children and adults.

I can remember tearing off the big medicine book into its chapters and making it small and light weight (this was an advice I got from a senior medical student).

Like one step at a time on chapter at a time makes it easier to read.

This I stretched further in the final year (now the big books are coming in pocket editions and and data and evidence medicine are carried in palmtops) and I only carried smallest possible note in my hand (rest in the head) and only noted down the few things that I did not comprehend fully to revise (I do this to present day- come across a new word, in ENGLISH or MEDICINE, refer that in a dictionary and master the use of it, better still find a simple alternative word which simple people understand).

When you take the computer world operating systems are getting bloated by the day.

Even, the Linux derivatives are bloated in size and the KDE 4, I fondly call the Gorilla of Linux to drive my point.

Linux started with 4 to 32 MiB of code but now fills a DVD (42, 000 packages in Debian and not even itemized yet) without an effort.

They come neck and neck with Microsoft.

The bloating period is coming to an end with the entry of Chrome Browser and Chrome OS from Google.

Now chills are running down the spine of Microsoft and if this takes the center stage software era and profit making are going to be thing of the past.

Utilities and Services will count like Water, Electricity and Payphone.

In future it is Cloud Service and Google will carry the load.

Already cloudusb (a company name) and dropbox are established and they are platform independent.

Quoted from a web page published elsewhere!

“Google has said that Android is optimized for touchscreen interfaces, while Chrome is optimized for keyboards. It might be just as accurate to say that Android is optimized for consumption first, content creation second, while Chrome will be optimized for both consumption and content creation”. 

For some of us, the crucial difference is “play” and “work.”

I am one who wants to outsmart even Google by carrying my operating system in a Pendrive (Flash drive). into my grave if that is allowed by the government.

This is what I want the education department to give serious thought.
The Jolicloud Manifesto

At Jolicloud we believe a movement has started. A movement that will change the computer industry forever: a world where computers are inexpensive, where operating systems are free and software is online. This is the world we dreamed of when we first discovered computers and the Internet. And this is why we wanted to build an operating system (OS) around a platform that gives everyone the opportunity to be part of this movement and access a whole new range of possibilities.

Jolicloud is an Internet operating system. It combines the two driving forces of the modern computing industry: the open source and the open web.

Jolicloud transforms your netbook into a sophisticated web device that taps into the cloud to expand your computing possibilities. The web already hosts a significant part of our lives: mails, photos, videos, and friends are already somewhere online. Jolicloud was built to make the computer and web part of the same experience.

The online world is taking processing power away from our computers, so we won’t need expensive machines in the future. The web improves itself, so we don’t need to replace machines all the time to be able to run newer versions of operating systems or office suites.

But the real catalyst of change has been the arrival of the netbooks: they started as an experimental low cost laptop for kids and they now radically change our views on how much we are willing to pay for personal computers. Think about it: computers are now becoming cheaper than mobile phones and MP3 players.

We feel privileged to witness this rebirth of the computer culture and are very excited about the world changes it can foster: More affordable means more people around the world connecting with knowledge, more communication between people and more balanced access to computing power with less cost, format or geographical limitations.

We come from the web, so we built our user interface mostly using its core technologies (HTML, javascript, CSS). We have integrated our web DNA into the OS to make it modular, social and personal. Our developer platform relies on the web and will let anyone or any service join in no time. With our API, developers will have the ability to let their website communicate with the computer directly with no need to code specific native applications.

Of course it’s just the beginning. Netbooks are very new. They are still bulky, but they are making progress with better keyboards, better screens and battery time.

No one has yet entirely switched his or her life online, but everyday larger parts of our personal and business lives are relayed and stored via the web. Online connectivity is still expensive but prices are dropping as operators can’t resist the global needs of the “always on” generation.

Legendary computer inventor Alan Kay once said, the best way to predict the future is to invent it. This is why we created Jolicloud. Like every project we can’t do it by ourselves. We need your help and support to make this project a success. Together let’s change the status quo and build the coolest OS for netbooks.

The future lies in the IT industry and not in heavy textbooks.

Less textbooks is environmentally friendly too.

We do not have to chop more and more trees to produce paper and textbooks which are getting outdated by the minute.

Cloud of computers can carry all the education material online.

Children should carry a Pendrive and few workbooks.

That is the future and it is next evolution of mankind.


Tiny Buddha in you?

It is nice to start with a quote form Ajahn Chah

If you let go a little you will have a little peace. If you let go a lot you will have a lot of peace.” ~Ajahn Chah

If I may describe Ajahn Chah as one who can inspire and let little pieces of wisdom at a time (in simple English) to enter ( instill) into your mind that would suffice in my penultimate entry.

Each one of us has Tiny Buddha in oneself if the thoughts of that is let in without any attachment to the thought itself

Tiny that originates from UK, let you have that little freedom of thought inspire you.

Please visit that site.

I should let go my attachment to Linux from now onwards for a while and enjoy the freedom of being myself.

This is the penultimate entry before 200.

I am wondering what it going to be?

What inspiration I get when I am totally free from attachment I do not know?

Let it inspire me for the next goal to perfection.

Please do not confuse with Little Buddha; It is a different Kettle of Fish altogether but you are free to visit that site too.

I end with wishing beautiful thoughts to every one who visit parafox.
I let myself and my mind go total anarchy while making entries to this blogsopt but meant no harm to anybody including Microsoft!

50 ways to leave your Lover (Microsoft)

When I first started using Linux I had only few ways to leave the love I had with Microsoft.
1. Surest way to press the off button instead of restart

2. Then Say “Linux Saranam Gachchamie” 3 times whenever I see a windows box.

This derives from my mothers teaching me how to recite Buddhist verses which I did not understand as a brat.  

I become a refuge of Linux is the nearest English translation.

3. Then say “Subba Papassa Microsoft Akaranum” when a Microsoft guy ask me to play a windows Game-Not Dos games.

I will refrain from all evil things. In other words I will not contribute to 7 Seven sins of Microsoft as some good Americans of North America vouch.

4. More reformed saying is

Sabba Papapssa Microsoft Akaranam
Kusallassa Linux Sammada
Sachitta Pario Linux Dhapanam
Etham Asokassa Dhassana

I will refrain from all Evil things (including using Microsoft)

I will only do meritorious things (like promoting Linux)

I will keep my mind focused on Linux

That is what the Vision and the saying of Asoka (not the ancient Indian King) not the Great (not the Nine or clock News (BBC) or Not the early morning SriLankan (heroic) Music.

5. Boot Grub with dual booting with default as Redhat 8 or 9.

Those were the few ways I left my first love Microsoft.

Now I am in a harem of Linux distributions (over 100) there are over 100 ways to leave my love.

6. When I say Suse there is the charming dame appearing slowly on my computer screen.

7. When I say Debian the God Father comes and sprinkle some chanted oil on my head like in the baptising ceremony in the Church.

8. When I say Pup Up Come Up all the Pups come with Beagle scaring the Microsoft bulldog.

9. When I say snap up, the gparted comes and takes over the hard disk wiping all Microsoft traces and FAT and NTFS Partitions.

10. When I say bulldoze the Blcktrack4 comes to my assistance.

When the latter 5 five are stated the Microsoft vendors soil their pants.
Being a doc, like an untrained dog I can smell the atmosphere and what is happening without pulling down the pants since my nose is trained like a police dog’s nose to smell evil Microsoft piss.

11. When I say Fire Firefox there comes the Chines Dragon ready to flame all the wars that are to be inflammed.

12. When I say Nero the Hero then K3B comes ready to do the cooking and barbecue.

13. When I say “Open Sesame”, Open Office comes and opens his mouth to eat all the words that came out of the politicians during the elections that includes the salary hikes promised and those words can never be traced to the source or their origins.

14. When I say boot all the bootstraps are released at rocket like speed especially when YOPER is let loose.

15. When I say root all the roosters come to the roof for roosting.

Those from 11 to 15 are like extramarital relationships and by now the divorce papers are being worked out, spelling out the compensation for Microsoft (legal hearing pending in France and European commission waiting to see the bindings).

16. Now comes the Live all Night Dance.

PCLinux leads the troops and the dancers with colourful array of dancers, which includes, LXDE, Xfce, E!7, ZenMini, Minime and Big Daddy.

From this point onwards any of my saying will inflamme flame wars day and night in Linux Community to determine which one is slightly better than the other.

I think I should not get involved, since I have dug deep into the caves of Linux and my hands are dirty as if I was coming out of a mine after a blast.

Let the readers do the filling up since my file cabinet is full of Linux live CDs, now ready for dishing out like Santa at Christmas eve.

17, As teaser I will put Skype (who will love it who will not)

18. Dropbox

19. Grub or Lilo

20. Gnome / KDE/ LXDE. xFCE

I think now that I have fired up, the flame wars will go on till the next Christmas and I will be a passive spectator.

Dropbox in Linux-Fusion Linux included

I have decided I should stop writing on this blogspot after the 200th entry.

But before that I should write something about the dropbox.

I saw dropbox accidentally in Ubuntu 10.10 and was curious but never bothered to find out what it was.

Quite by accident I went to the site of looking for a USB bootable iso and I was not getting into cloud computing anyway as a way forward (not knowing they are hosting dropbox as a type of Linux clone of cloud-not really).


Anyway I got caught myself in the web since it is promoting young kids to get registered as an educational opening to store their school files (Windows, Mac and Linux) and guess what, I immediately got registered wanting more information. 

I am already using Google’s space for my lectures and carry on files (not carry on doctor series) there was no need for me to to duplicate things but since it is a Linux derivative I could not resist the temptation.
Then I have to use Ubuntu (which was not my Linux armory even though it is a very good Linux distribution).

Then I remembered loading Fusion Linux-Fedora 14 derivative (this feature is enough for one to use Ubuntu and Fusion Linux) in a spare partition in my old IBM box fo testing.

Quickly rebooted into Fusion Linux and clicked the dropbox and I was directly at the site dropbox and I am downloading dropbox currently.

Before I could finish typing this it installed drop box in my home.

So guys and girls thanks for the offer, I got 2 GiB (enormous for me-I myself is light weight category now) space free and if I introduce this to another I get another bonus space which I may never fill up with data anyway.

You are free to try this offer especially if you are a school kid who forget to take tit bits to school and become light weight like me.

When I see SriLankan kids carrying gunny loads of books in their back my dream to see our kids will go to school carrying nothing but a Pendrive may be a distant dream but might become a reality, if I was made the Minister of Education without any other bonuses.

Unfortunately I am not a registered voter for the time being and that dream will never come true.

50 ways to leave your Lover

My captions for future educationalists and for research avenues

50 ways to leave a lover (Microsoft)

50 ways to leave our schools from Market Forces

Copied from a web site of Mr.Robert Pogson
Please visit his site and read 50 reasons to love gnuinux for Schools

From Mr. Robert Pogson

Soup and a Sandwich.

To my surprise I found worthy comments by Bender and Richard Chapman that I will include in the list if they have no objection.


One might argue that some of these tasks could be accomplished with that other OS but for me the most important thing with GNU/Linux would be it’s license practically permitting everything while that other OS restricts us in so many ways (licenses for schools may be less restricting and cheaper but we all know that is, it’s drug dealers way of hooking everyone from young age to “their stuff”). Consider that if you would like to setup a “thin client – server” environment with that other OS you would have to shell out boat load of money for just the licenses while thanks to GNU/Linux you might have a lot more powerful hardware thanks to savings on licenses alone which ultimately leads to even more savings since that hardware would serve your needs longer without necessary hardware upgrades to serve that other OS slowing down with time. Avoid the lock in since any company could service your software having easy access to the source code that allows for in store improvements etc. GNU/Linux and FOSS = True Competition.“

Richard Chapman

“Fewer unexpected notifications too. Windows falls all over itself telling you how much it cares about you and showing you how important you are to Microsoft by constantly popping up messages in your face while you are trying to work. Microsoft’s GUIs are loaded with distractions. And, in my opinion, their graphics are ugly. Too many details that distract the eye.“

Old Age and Survival Beyond

In Buddhist history one of the signs Buddha saw in his outing outside the Royal Castle was an ambling old man.

It is certain that now all of us will live up to old age (with one proviso which I will enlarge open later) now that the war is over and it will probably never surface again (but another war will emerge to replace it and it is showing all the evidence all over the world) for a decade or so.

Another sign Buddha saw was debilitating sickness (no age difference).

Unfortunately in old age sickness is common accompaniment and many of us have no coverage for sickness while working or in old age. (The other two signs are not for worldly gains but for visions beyond worldly dreams and it is inappropriate and contextually not relevant here).

It is true that we have free medical services but the delivery system has major imbalances but geared to emergency service (O.P.D) and supportive.

Services are not proactive and health education (preventative) is of low priority.

For example cost of renal transplantation and open heart surgery are prohibitive.

What is important is that the quality life falls below what was maintained drastically in old age and especially when one is a pensioner.

I cannot see any country that does not discriminate due to age, be it is childhood, young or old age.

It is enshrined in U.N.O. protocol that there should not be any discrimination due to age, sex. race or (and many other elements) religion.

But in practice no country enforces these principles that are written in black and white on paper.

This is the sad part of the story and only a few can prolong the life while maintaining the standards they enjoyed as young.

That is the reality of life and there is always some discrimination especially when old and very young.

Now I should say what happened in U.K. three decades ago with Mrs. Thather (she was in for power for three terms) in full swing.

She embraced the American Policy and Dream and propagated that every one can become very rich provided one works hard.

She systematically destroyed collective responsibility by destroying the miner’s strike and introducing various reforms including in Education and Health.

She changed the universal right to protect life (It is the Government’s Responsibility) and in good quality too.

She pruned the Health Service and introduced the Private Pension Scheme (which was more attractive than the basic government pension).

Now 30 years later who were attracted by the economic boom and the eventually bust in 2009, are living in absolute poverty (in European terms) and government have no funds to support them and they are increasing the pensionable age to 67 and more years.

I was one who believed I should work as long as possible not at the same pace as young but moderate and steady pace (not many think like me though) since not doing any work is anathema to me (having worked all my life without any consideration for day or night).

But like in cricket (except intellectual activity) one has to throw the towel like Flintoff (classic example of Burnt Out Syndrome -like the hard working miners of Sheffield of yesteryear) when one is not able to perform (intellectual capacity falls dramatically from the age of 30 years and at much faster rate after 60 unfortunately but the Ego and hanging to life increases at an amazingly fast rate but inversely proportionate to former).

This is where I feel is it worth doing a bypass and prolong the life for another 5 or 10 years and living a quality of life hand to mouth in old age and be a burden to self and to the immediate family.

This is the choice one has to make but I have seen very few of individuals that are prepared to face life bravely and without much attachment to name and self.

There was a saying what I heard but never believed (this is the belief inculcated in politicians irrespective of the party of origin- G.O.P or not) in childhood.

Mind you this not a Buddhist saying (statement) but words are in Pali.

Jivitham Annitham (Maranam-jiratham) sa Nama Goththam Nijirathie.

Life is impermanent but name and creed will last.

The first part of the statement is philosophically true and hence the second part cannot be true.

So some time ago as a kid I changed it to

Jivitham Annitham (Maranam-Jiratham) sa Nama Goththam Jirathie.

That is the only Buddhist Concept I learned by myself and follow it to this day.

I am very insignificant in numbers game if I compare myself to the millions of life forms on this planet.

All life forms love their life but how many bacteria I killed and how many mosquitoes I killed cannot be estimated in numbers.

Fortunately I cannot kill viruses including AIDS virus.

I have a theory that viruses are essential to evolution on this planet including AIDS Virus and H1A1 and ultimately viruses will determine the final outcome of the human race (man had been developing biological agents for warfare) and the planet earth will produce one virulent virus to eliminate humans species one day.

If we are so selfish like what we are today and rest of all the humans who inhabit this planet I do not think that the 3rd or 4th generation of mankind SURVIVING.



Doom and Gloom, that is if we do not control the expansion of human race and protect the extinction of resources that man needs for his survival including quality of drinking water.

The same principle applies to me too in my old age.

In old age I do not need a bypass or or kidney from another. This is what I believe for myself but can I convince anther soul to this conviction?

I do not think so!

I had been an enough contributor to dwindling resources and saying good bye to this planet should not be an offense but should be dear commitment!

We are too consumerist like all Americans, Indians and Chinese!

Africans are also following suit where the human race believed to have originated for the first time.

Our selfishness will lead us to our extinction one day!

That is the universal truth!

Skype for Linux- Is it Pain in the Neck?

I was looking for Skype for Linux on a Live CD and I did not find any.

Then I went to the Skype site and after many hours of reading of fed up Linux users and no help at hand I tried the D.I.Y to install Skype on SuSe.

SuSe did mot have required libraries and mixer connections.

Then I tried Fedora 10 version on SuSe that also did not work with missing libraries.

Now fed up tried Ubuntu 10.10 (obtained from Skype site). it mounted Skype well but the sound mixer was defective (mike not properly configured).

Fed up already then I went for a DVD.

Tried Fusion Linux with Fedora 14 and it did not boot well or install it properly.

Unlike previous editions had a bug in the Grub file.

Now irritated enough I thought of finding a distribution with Skype from over 100 I downloaded recently and found PC/OS Webstation.

It was the only one that had reasonable performance but it also lacked many of the feature found in Windows 5 version(that is what my daughter says-I do not use windows now).


Ultimately I went back to PCLinux-2010-10 which I temporarily suspended using except Live booting due to script bug introduced to two of my (Windows hacker I believe, preventing me getting to web sites with iso images of Linux saying that the site is not trusted. This was an immature script but I was going behind it for some time, originated from India probably but lost interest temporarily) computers. 

Winner at the end is PCLinux.

This is why I take it as the Gold Standard.


I have decided to increase the points in the point scheme I have designed for Skype included Linux distributions to 250 from 100 with working Skype, which should be automatic if the distribution can boast its capability.

Even, in PCLinux the Skype was static.


Why it is not updated with many in USA and Europe will be skipping the air travel due to stock market crisis and delays in airports in Christmas is beyond my comprehension.

I think Santa should bring a new version of Skype Linux with Christmas and Santa should do the air travel on his own cost and deliver Skype without delay for the Holidays and New Year!.


Interestingly new Ubuntu derivative that comes from Chekoslovia has Skype but it is a DVD version (1-6 GiB). It looks attractive.

Peeping Toms

Text Colour

Copied from Distrowatch

Not edited any way but the pieces I like most was copied.

For full detail read the entire article at Distrowatch.

This is how Microsoft Operates;



Extinguish or Explode (Sri-Lankan way)

This trick by Microsoft and IBM Acer will explode in their hands by Christmas.

Feature Story (by Ladislav Bodnar)

Booting from USB drive 

At this point I came to a conclusion that Acer’s Android is far too limited and buggy an operating system to keep it on the computer. But before wiping the hard disk clean (and getting rid of Windows XP as well in one swoop), I thought I’d give it a test by booting into Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook edition from a USB key. This proved to be a much more pleasant experience – the system detected and set up all hardware correctly (including the wireless network and the webcam). Running Ubuntu also provided an opportunity to look at the content of the hard disk which was impossible with Android, since it includes no terminal or other command-line tool. So as a matter of interest, the 160 GB hard disk is divided into three partitions – an 11 GB /dev/sda1 (a boot partition, which also contains images that would restore the system to the original state), a miserly 4 GB /dev/sda2 containing the Android operating system (only 1.4 GB is used) and a whopping 135 GB /dev/sda3 partition containing Windows XP (14 GB is used). So that’s how much space (and respect) Android gets from Acer!

The Android implementation on Acer’s recently launched dual-boot netbooks feels more like a technology preview than a usable product. It is buggy and inextensible, with no possibility to install extra applications from the Android Market or any other repository. As such, it is limited to basic tasks, such as Internet browsing, web interaction, image viewing and media playback. It’s hard to say who the product is intended for – the Windows crowd will take one quick look and never boot into it again, while any Linux geek will surely prefer a proper Linux distribution or one of the netbook-oriented variants. Perhaps the only positive point is that by providing a Linux-based alternative on its netbooks, Acer was forced to build these computers from Linux-friendly hardware components, so there are no unwelcome surprises when it comes to hardware support.

Of course, this is Acer’s first attempt at delivering an Android-powered netbook, so one can understand the difficulties of creating a workable solution from something that is much more suited to running on smaller handheld devices with touchscreens. Still, the manufacturer is guilty for making very little effort at customising the product for a 10-inch screen or, indeed, for not choosing to dual-boot Windows with a proper Linux distribution that would be so much more suitable for running on the netbook. Perhaps Acer will realise its mistake and provide a better Android implementation for its next release or it might even deliver online updates that would address some of the bugs and inconveniences. Unfortunately, by that time my Acer netbook will be running a real, full-featured Linux operating system, instead of this bizarre Windows XP/Android combination.

Thank you exposing the tricks.

We call it Camel Peeping (Peeping Toms) through the window and soon the house falls down.

Linux-100-Update on Linuxconsolebuild147-2010

This is one of the few but very good Multimedia capable Live (Install) CD for an old computer (as well as new) in the attic to play video and DVD.

Make the computer a Multimedia Player.

It has TV capability but I did not tested it since our TV channels are not set to any standard (anybody can buy a space in channel frequencies-not international standard anyway) and do not register with any monitoring agency of frequencies so that Linux can detect it. 

This gentleman from France has done a wonderful job and everybody should support his efforts and future developments such as ipod capability.

Only weakness for a Live CD of 200 odd MiB which is fantastic is that I could not configure the internet to listen to internet music.

This is a development release and it has windows executable file too.

Newbies and savvy should use it and give him constructive feed backs.

It has 4 GB DVD which I could not download up till now due to slow pace of our internet service.

I am going to download it during the Christmas Holidays.

Good work and thanks for the Guys and Girls of

Speed Tests

It is possible to test the speed of upload and download of data over the internet now.

It is fortunate that the one internet company provides instant speed test and offer faster web browsers for guys who a using Microsoft.


I have been checking download speed almost every day for the last one (1) year with my Linux machine and I have discovered it is not worth even considering downloading anything more than 50 MiB in the day time.
Over best download speed is 1/2 (half) MiB per second at best (usually after mid night) but I cannot understand how they offer 2MiB in the day time.
It is only a commercial gimmick and lot of our young guys / girls have fallen pray to this propaganda.
Our Telecoms is much better than most of the south Asian countries.
We do not have a dedicated satellite of our own. in spite of fighting a war for nearly 30 years.
Now it is time of us to re-think our strategies since there is no conflicting parties except Indian Merchants who spending lot of money in Telecoms and betting industry.
We are going to have the cricket World Cup and we are not ready to serve the waiting masses.
It is time for the Telecoms to go for it with Chinese help within this decade.
I do not believe