Dropbox-I am Not playing Cricket now!

This is a note I posted at Dropbox-Blog.

I am new to Dropbox but found it by accident when I was testing Live Linux (recent ones) CDs.

I used to write a short comment on each Live CD downloaded and when I see a new feature I would allocate somewhat arbitrary (my marking scale) points as a plus feature.

When I saw Dropbox in several of the Live CDs (Fedora, Ubuntu, PCLinux) in the internet section, I was curious but left it for another day to investigate.

Then finally I investigated it (they were promoting it for  school kids) and being myself a teacher in the University, the question why not for me and my students.


I am hooked to the Dropbox now as an educational tool.

Thank you for that and another reason.

I am depositing Linux Live CDs (unfortunately not DVDs-I advocate light version of OS instead of the Gorilla Versions) in the Dropbox for my Linux friends to test and try.

All in all. it is a Linux Depository for Testing and Trying not a Repository.

The download speeds are awfully slow in this part of the world and this is a simple remedy in avoiding downloads.

You do the synchronizing I do the depositing (Eggs -not Easter yet) on the Nest.

We have a bird in this country who deposits eggs on another type of bird’s nest.

I am a lazy bird who does not want to look after (intellectual property of mine) my laid eggs!

I am trying to collect enough MiB (at least 4 GiB for me to deposit a Linux Big Image once in a while-for example games DVD) by promoting Dropbox.

I sent a virtual spam (to all my contacts) and some of them thought somebody has hacked my email.

Never done that before, spamming of course!

Most of them are afraid of Dropbox (I have lost my sanity, they think in my old age) but I keep brainwashing (with coconut oil which is very expensive-we use it in anointing during our New Year)  them (at least I get all my friends together and some Mibs in the process) and with my humour, it seems to be working especially with younger counterparts.

I have found one problem that is unique to me.

I have up to 5 operating systems in the same Linux Box with different home partitions (with the same name-and same password sometimes) and they do not seem to synchronize the Dropbox which is in my home partition.

Linux distributions are finicky when it comes to sharing unless I ROOT Myself (which is not healthy at my age) every time I BOOT.

Apart from that Dropbox makes me lighter at the dinner parties.

Happy Christmas and New Year to all of you.

If you have some spare bones or MiBs please drop at my box (not the Cricket Box-I am not playing Cricket now).


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