Food for Thought

I may have to put this idea  in a point form instead of a long narrative lest I forget to post it.

1. With global warming and attendant natural catastrophes we are going to have famines and food shortages.

2. Question is can we make digestible food utensils?

3. If we can make biodegradable plastics (microbes have to do the job) the next futuristic trend would be to make utensils that we can eat up at the end of the meal.

4. If our microbes (Ecoli) cannot do the job we have to swallow a capsule or two containing microbes  before of after the meal like medicine.

5. Or even think of introducing a biogas producing microbe with the meal or after the meal or  drop  the capsule into the commode.

6. When we empty the contents of the bowel they should be there ready to spring into full action.

7. Each man producing his own quota of energy would be the first anti-capitalistic version of eco-energy principle of mine.

8. We should not think of tagging energy and digestible  food pathways to our own Ecoli due to ethical issues.

9. First of all we must make ourselves to eat the digestible food utensils.

10. It will be fun when these cutlery are made with pleasing colours and sweet taste that cleaning up job is done instantly after meal without servants.

There is one probable hitch with this plausible adventure.

Will the children eat the utensils and leave the food items for the caretaker or the parent to eat and ultimately he or she become unfashionably fat?

This is food for thought for you in the coming year, if you think of developing this idea  or improving it without telling or help of the WHO or the WFO.

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