If I am made a Judge – Judgment-01

If I am made a judge in an imaginary Court some of my Judgments may look like this.


One who lost his gold crown on one of his teeth.

How did you lose your gold crown?

He smashed my face and I lost my gold tooth.

My Lord,
He took it.

Sir he is lying.
My Lord.
He swallowed his tooth and put the blame on me.

Is it a gold tooth.
Yes sir.

Can you prove it with your dentist.

Yes, My Lord.

Take him to protective custody and observe all his excreta and see where the gold tooth is and reports back to me soon.

Keep custody of all the productions intact.

Next hearing.
The case about the gold tooth Sir.
We did not find the gold tooth and we through the productions away.

They were smelly. I thought it might offend you in courts, Sir.

Did I ask you to bring the productions?

No Sir.

Did I ask you to throw the productions away?

No Sir.

Contempt of Court.

Take him to custody now.

Turning to the defense lawyer.
Are you happy with the policeman’s report.
Yes Sir.
I are you pleading for lesser offense of theft?
Or are you defending grievous hurt?
Judging by his mood and tone, the lawyer pleaded for lesser offense.

Turning to the lawyer representing the complainant.

I want to see the dentist next time.

Next hearing
Dentist appearing in court in professional attire.

Are you the dentist who attended to case No-001?

Yes My Lord.

Is it a gold tooth?

No it is a gold Crown?

What you mean it is not the whole tooth?

No Sir, it is the top most part.

This man says he lost a gold tooth.

What you call the bottom part.

We call it the root Sir.

Have you ever made a gold tooth.

No Sir.


In cosmetic surgery people are only worried about the external appearance.

The root is hidden and we put a different amalgam there to save costs.

What is the cost of the gold?

After some pause he gives an estimate.

Now tell me your charges for this case.

He gives the charges for the case.

Gold costs less than your charges?

Sir, we charge for the cosmetics and not for the gold.

Isn’t it a fabrication?

Dentist was lost for words.

Aren’t you ethically bound to tell the patient the procedure in simple terms.

You are warned this time.
Next time i will report the matter to the Medical Council.
Thank you for your time in courts.

Judgments were postponed for the next hearing.
The dentist was sweating by the time he left the courts.


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