Judgment Day

Policeman was brought to the stand (box).

His offense is Contempt of Court.

Court stand to order and the proceeding begins.

Do you wish go to prison for 3 months with rigorous imprisonment from which you will never be allowed to come back alive by very people you have sent in there or do you wish to work under me for three months.

Well then, you were very keen on my well-being and good keeping order, you will from now onwards be in charge of my private water closet and all the other water closets of the court room.

They are very badly maintained and you should bring me a report in 3 months time to make improvements.

Mind you in the mean time you should investigate into the lost gold crown of this veritable guy.

You are relieved of all other official engagements and I will write to your superior officer in due course.

Then the complainant was called in,

It does not look like that you have made a prima face case against your defendant but your excreta has got an officer in uniform into trouble, have you got anything to say?

Sir, I need my gold crown found.

Well I have already given instruction to the officer in that regard.

I can send you to prison for 6 months.
3 months for wasting the Court’s time.
3 months for false allegations.

Or would you like to work with this officer looking after the toilets. We will pay you a reasonable sum bit better than in prison.

Then the defendant was called in.

He was pleased with the above two judgments and thought that he will get scot-free.

You have been a public and court nuisance and besides, you have pleaded guilty and in the process put two others in trouble.

Anything to say?

He did utter anything fearing a reprimand.

I am going to send you to clean the Chief Minister’s toilet for one year.

And after one year report back with good conduct report.

I suppose with these three verdicts even the King of Kakille will be pleased.

Wait for future hearings.


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