Linux100-Category is almost ready

Now I can report to you that the first 100 distributions of Linux distributions that I downloaded and tested are put  in the Linux 100 Category.

I could not tick them all off  yet, but now there are at least 80 odd distribution listed there for easy browsing.

It was  all solo work and nobody helped me. I had lot of sleepless nights due to Telecom’s breaking link and very poor download speed.

I had to resort to K-Torrents as a last resor for some downloads.

It is all worth the trouble since it was painful downloading but entertaining testing material that each distribution had some peculiar nuance.

If testing was that difficukt, I can understand the trouble the developers and the community went through in puting the final product out.

It is seen with mageia project, now.

Now I deserve a welcome respite (more than one year of labour, not nine months of human gestation) and I am going to watch cricket and enjoy all the matches.

I am not going to support any country this time round but enjoy good lovely cricket.

So guys and girls developing distributions and not watching cricket, this is a little break you guys / girls get from me by not finding little nuances, in each distribution that come out after hard alpha and bets stages testing.


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