Who says one day cricket is dull?

Who says one day cricket is dull?

We had a fascinating game of cricket today.

The match was between cricketing fanatic India and the game’s originator England.

It was nice to see England captain Strauss takes the man of the match award beating, the legend of India, Sachin Tandukar.

There is is no match for the young blood of England and it was no fun for Sachin and his weary legs.

I suppose when time comes one has to retire and there were guys in this side of the Palk Straight who wanted to join the team and we were were wise enough to spare him the agony.

Trying to entertain your fan base all the time is not good for your physique and health  Master Blaster Sachin  who also will retire and become a sporting ambassador to the Asian continent spectators who are keen on betting and bringing a bad name to the game.

I hope Indian spectator would be nice to him the day he fails or retire.

Anyway cricket was the winner taking the game to the wire and making a tie was a big achievement neither side deserved to lose this match.

It was a good stater for the tournament.

A star was born and that is Andrew Strauss and English fan should be proud of him.

Not only he brought ashes home (team game)  but brought the 50 over game to its heights.

But you boys must make sure you beat Australia in this tournament.

We will be cheering for England all the way.

We are fed of Australian’s arrogance and  I saw somewhere somebody write of  England as an under achiever.

I predict a final with England and South Africa and it does not matter who wins if you make it upto that point even though I favour South Africa.

Good Luck boys and do not get injured or dehydrated and the weather is at its extreme and pretty warm.


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