Linux Extras-Sabayon-5.5-07

The new editions of Sabayon 5.5 are pretty good.
Their speciality latest XMBC is good too.
For the first time I was able to get XMBC running in my old IBM computer with inbuilt graphic card meager 1 GiB RAM without freezing of mouse or the videos.

It is the best available Media and Graphic centre.
The audio and graphic can be installed separately.
Live (for testing) and installation DVD.
It has no blender but lack of that is adequately compensated by graphic capabilities.
If I was not hooked to PCLinux and the PCLinuxfullMonty, this is the distribution that I will be having in my box in addition to other Linux distributions.
This time I am going to install (I have more than 150 distributions collected over 18 month period and going for the best 10 for me is an extremely difficult preposition) it and use it for graphic and audio collection.
Unlike PCLinux, Sabayon has 32 and 64 bit versions and I am happy that it follows the PCLinux tradition of having multiple distributions (all of which are light weight except fullMonty).
I have no hesitation of recommending it provided you have latest graphic cards and adequate RAM.
All above applies to CDs and DVD version of Gnome.
I was unable to test the KDE version which uses touchpad screen.
I do not have a monitor with that facility and if you have one this is the Linux distribution to try.
Good work and thanks to the guys and Girls at Sabayon.
The dream that we all believe.


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