Cloud computing and Cloud OS had been one of my interests for some time.

To begin with I started with Dropbox which is a nice way to share ones data with friends especially those who are away and abroad.

I use it to deposit Linux images in the shared folder.

Similarly friends from abroad can have their folders shared with me.
Idea was to promote Linux.

But cloud computing is of a different order altogether.
When one is on travel and does not have a netbook or laptop (which is an added burden when on the move) Cloud Os come to your service.

One has to carry the OS in a CD or Pendrive (I have not tried this with a Pendrive yet).

The Cloud OS (Joli OS and Jolly Cloud are its other names) let you do this.

I downloaded version 1.0 and for one reason or the other I could not run it even though I registered with their web site.

Then I downloaded Joli Os version 1.1 (Live CD) and booted it up but I could not get the link with the Cloud Service, even though I tried to register with them.
Disappointed I gave up.
Today I downloaded version 1.2 from Linux tracker. It was a quick download with many seeders all over the world.
Booted it up and (I could not boot up with my previous email) I registered with another email address after some considerable delay I was up an running and was in link with world wide web.
There were lot of applications but I could not find the Dropbox.
So after some fiddling (It lets you add other cloud applications) I added dropbox and could sign up with Dropbox and open my folders.

These two applications One a Live OS on a CD, the other Dropbox registration make you travel light and even if you forget your laptop instantly get in touch with the outside world (with your current data in the cloud) if the friend you stay with lets you boot your Joli OS 1.2.
Joli OS lets you boot with  guest logging by request of its previous users.
I have no hesitiation of using these two for my work and recommend anybody to try it.
The learning curve is the only limitation.

It can be installed in an isolated OS in computer and the procedure is bit complicated and you are advised to visit the home page and follow instruction. One needs a Flash drive for that.


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