Jurassic Park Tumbler Trembling and Political Tumble

In the midst of World Cup Cricket we have another match.
In this match the winners take it all and sometimes they take our freedom also away for a week prior and week after the election day.

Everything come to a standstill and at least this time we can divert our attention and watch cricket.

The day of the election when these young proteges parade the streets, it reminds me of the tumbler trembling cinematic effect depicted in the film, Jurassic Park.

Some of them bring similar fear to adults leave alone children.
That is how elections are fought in this part of the world.

There are no umpires like in cricket.

The officers who should act as neutral umpires are no more.
They tremble more than the voter when these political guys come near in numbers.
Some of course stooge to the lowest level where they even share free alcohol.
The police who suppose to bring the law and order are outnumbered by drunken supporters.

Alcohol sale is prohibited but they stock alcohol before the ban of sale.

If we have free and fair election, in actual fact it is the candidate who should tremble.

For some bizarre reasons even before the final vote is cast winners are already known and I do not know what this exercise bring to the ordinary citizen, except Tumbler Trembling Fear of Jurassic Park nature.

They are real dinosaurs who drain all public money.

But sometime we get  a kick when some of these corrupt politicians tumble down like Humpty Dumpty.

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