Nothing is Impossible in Digital Linux-Backup Large File

Now that I have downloaded the first Linux Gamer DVD, Iglive, an Arch based Linux Live DVD, I was wondering how to save the image.

It is above 4 GiB which cannot be transferred to my external hard disk with FAT.
FAT is limited by 4 GiB limit and fragmentations. These problems are not there with Linux partitions. Next time round I will have both FAT and NTFS partitions as storage devices.

Simple solution for this is to convert the FAT partition to NTFS partition by booting with Gparted but if I do that it will effect my GRUB file (I have many distributions in one BOX and it means I have to reinstall them) and having my images in DVDs will let me do that on a future date.

I could compressed the file with Ark with archiving utility is Linux but that is doing two thing for one job and a windows Guy / Girl won’t be able to open it with Nero if I give the image file compressed to him.
I hit open a crazy idea with Supreme Super Gamer (which will take 4 to 5 days to download) being downloaded, that if it can copy 8.4 GiB on a double density DVD, it will jolly well copy the image in data format.
Certainly I did not want to lose 2 days of downloading be wasted since I have the uncanny habit of formatting the hard disk with a drop of hat of when I hit upon a new idea to investigate.
In fact I accidentally formatted 33 GiB of images in one stroke (this was a USB multimedia gadget with SATA disk) since the multimedia file was misbehaving and I wanted to try installing a Linux distribution in a separate partition.
Everything misfired and the entire partition table was out of reach and I have to redo the partition table (which took ages in good all days) and install Linux for testing.

I had no regrets since in addition to hard disk save I have over may be 200 DVDs with all the images I have downloaded so for except those above 4 GiBs.
Presto! my idea worked and in about 22 minutes I have copied 6 images into DVDs.
While I was waiting for these DVD writing, I thought I will pen this to wider web now.

While all these digital work my two computers are downloading Incognito (I will talk about soon) and Supreme Super gamer, Dabian-Edu and last 50 MiBs Incognito with my dog bringing message telling who is at the door or and all the alerting news of the front door.

Incognito is an amazing utility which all the aspiring politicians and power hungry ones should worry about.
It can boot and erase all the traces of memory in the browser and the computer of use after posting a message out of the country which some dictators like what you find in China may not like it, and the true state of affairs are known to the rest of the world.
Tor is a small utility one can carry in a floppy disk and it will send chills in the spines of some politicians!
Linux can do it and www is for all not for a few powerful and wealthy.
It makes the ground rules simple and open.
Be transparent in all public (not private) affairs.
What I gather is that this utility is used by teenagers in the West to hoodwink their parents and reach unwanted sites.
Well, teens are two steps ahead of their parents and old folks should should fast learn “tricks of the trade”.
Use of this utility in bad hands can be deplorable but I will use it only when their is a dire necessity political-wise.
So long holiday is going to be over and I can sleep well now with all the utilities in hand and two games DVDs to play round for the rest of the year.
Pingus and tuck racer are my favourites now.


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