The dog, The dog Lover’s Heart Disease and Fire Cracker Menace

I often wonder why dogs get same diseases like human except a few.

We get diabetes and dogs get diabetes.
We get arthritis and dogs get arthritis.
We have hip problems the dog too have hip dysplasia and the lot.
We get skin diseases and the dogs also get skin diseases.
We get allergy and dogs get allergies.
Dog gets heart problems and we get heart problems but with a difference.

Having a dog is good for the heart but I do not think having a heart patient is good for the dog which curtails his exercise routine and he becomes chubby and in reality more heart disease prone.
We get cataract and dogs get it too.

These things are common with pedigree dogs but not nearly so in paraya or the stray dogs.

What a crime these poor animals have done to be with us and have all the tendencies of our own.

I do not know but the Maha Bramma knows it for better or worse.

But there is a big difference in old age we get dementia and we forget even the dog’s name who was with us which is very unfortunate for the dog as well as the owner.
But dogs will never get dementia and they will remember us till they die, whether we are poor or rich.

Thank god their life span is shorter and they do not have to go through with a family  after family of forgetful people.

When the next turn of life cycle comes or the rebirth comes they are better and wiser if they ask for another life style without human diseases from Maha Brahma who is looking after their interests after their death.They deserve a better life for their loyalty alone and I hope they will be with gods and angles next time round and look after our failing health, memory, eyesight and hearing from above.
If we care for three dogs in our lifetime, guess there will be three guardian angles looking after our interests up from above.

But Maha Brahma should have a firm hand on this issue and anybody who light fire crackers for cheap fun during new year and politicians who get their supporters to light fire crackers to herald their arrivals during festive times should be excluded from guardian angle duty of the dogs who left us (kick the bucket the man at the postmortem -morge-room says) in fear of fire crackers if not thunder during New Year.

When I see my dog in fear not knowing what to do except to hide under my bed, I now have a firm conviction that all of us dog lovers sick or otherwise should get up and say no to fire crackers and ban them in toto.


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