Maha Brahma and his Dog

This story was related to me by one of my yesteryear friends, not a doc but a dog now in high heaven.

I am well versed from the time of Maha Brahma’s Assistant who was a Kandy dog frequenting rubbish bins in Kandy including Malwatta temple and by some clever means twisted the arm of the Maha Brahma and managed to get the present post.

I knew the dog well and once in a way he sends me an errand of some sort by email. I cannot send any email to him because it is not permitted by law of the heaven for human to send email direct but there is no restriction of outgoing email from heaven, though, very randomly. I am told they use a type of Linux distribution where in the tradition incognito the log, memory and search routes and rules are erased without a trace. I am trying to crack this and get some stories for earthling and I cannot wait till the next Buddha’s time and appearance which is eons away.
As a form of grace they release some random stories and and I have the privilege of knowing the dog first and the current Brahma’s Assistant and by that virtue a few of the stories circulating in heaven.

The story predates his time (present Assistant) and this time it was Pedigree dog.

This pedigree dog was resident of a demented man who was politician of yesteryear.

He was demented because of his bounty of alcohol when in and out of power. But sadly he lived up to ripe old age of nineties, physically well but mentally demented. The dog died soon after the master’s demise but because of his virtues and because he happened to reach heaven at the time of our New Year holiday, he was put on the waiting list.
There were quite a number of dogs who reached there at the very same instant. Maha Brahma without an assistant then had great difficulty in selecting the correct protocol and the correct next round of births that they deserve.

Because this dog came from high office on earth he was very well noted by the Maha Brahma for extra credit.

Maha has a set of standard questions and it is very difficult to outsmart him.

He did not leave the demented politician now completely neglected by his party members, family members and the like but this faithful dog was with his master till his last few seconds on earth. My friend told me not to disclose where about of this politician now but suffice is to say much less honourable quarters than his favorite dog.

In his conversation with Maha this dog had lot of questions from the Master Being.

The pedigree dog could not understand why the behaviour of his master changed in latter stages of his life with dementia who could not remember the dog’s name and used to call various odd names and forgot to feed him or fleece him.

He was telling Maha it was very unfair for a dog to be with a human in that stage of life and state and why only humans get demented and not dogs barring of course hydrophobia.

Maha did not have a suitable answer and he was impressed by this dogs devotion to his master when all earthlings deserted him high and dry including doctors.

There were lot of other dogs of lowly human settings including beggars, humbugs and the lot, Maha was pushed up to his neck and told the pedigree dog to wait for another day for a change and he could become his dog for a day and stay with him overnight.

This he could not decline.
He was so pleased with the offer did not bother the Master Being for even an overnight meal and went to sleep like a log.

Maha had other ideas and wanted to observe and test him before offering the next round of birth, the next day. But he lost this opportunity and in any case for his calm demeanour Maha was highly impressed.

The next day also Maha went on with his mundane routine affairs and was not ready with a place for our pedigree dog. That day was the same result, the pedigree dog that day went into dream mode thinking what a nice place he is going to get the next day.
This went on for a week and for some unknown reason Brahma had hit high on this week and was finding easy with his decision making.

In fact Brahma was enjoying his company which was docile but very pleasant.
It was the same with the dog who had a very painful last few months on earth with the demented politician.
So he became less chatty and never asked any favours from the new master the Master Being himself.

Master also never offered a new lease or round of births by default.

Well Maha also knew one day when his term of office ends like the politician and when he has to go he has to go and he did not want to go alone.

Master needed a companion.

So the Maha and his dog came into being and they got eons to go.

So do not ever think of becoming the master’s dog or the master’s assistant.
They are on eternal holiday without fire crackers and assistant is doing the mundane rounds without a break (he loves it though being a descendant of paraya or the stray dog clan).

In my case I am looking for post of the server manager in heaven with my experience in hell this may lead to better and faster Linux Protocol and Administration there in heaven.

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