Supreme Super Gamer

I am afraid I have to make two negative reports on the trot (not mission critical this time, unlike Dropbox) and this time on Supreme Super Gamer.

After 7 days of download time finally I got this Live DVD in my hand eager to boot up enjoy.
This was on May Day Holiday, quite appropriate for me to enjoy the games when real workers are bashing Bunki Moon on the main high streets of Colombo.

Bunki Moon has become a Punchbag for Political Punchers, I wish somebody make a game of U.N.O on the web with Bunki Moon as the main man of action and I can assure you we will give you 20 million people to both for and against playing the game.

This was quite contrary to the Foreign Minister’s assertion.
In my case I took his advise in good stead and want to play some games pass midnight. That was the time the download was over (really on the day after May Holiday) and I could not boot the CD on both computers having less than 100 graphic capability.
It was pass midnight and I had to attend to some work on Monday morning, I went to sleep.
Toady after an evening nap I took the DVD (first double layer gamer in my hand) and booted up with my laptop with 4 GiB RAM but relatively reasonable graphic card capability (IBM).
It booted up but failed to configure X-Windos on root permission.

The kernel in the DVD has two problems.

1. It cannot identify various types of file format of Linux including reserfs.
2. It does not have modules for old and new graphic cards.
3. X-windows even though kernel is new fails.

This is where Linux Developers failed their users (rather customers).
Do not blame Windows for this lapse and I do not think I will download a gamer till next May Day.
I am a professional who has other important work than playing games.
Unfortunately Linux is my home base where I cannot play games with my grandchildren in the backyard, till next Christmas.
Thanks guys ‘ girls for your interest in Linux games!


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