Linux Update-PixieLive2 and Gentoo–Waste of Time?

Linux Update-PixieLiive2 and Gentoo–Waste of Time?

 This is the second time I downloaded Pixie ( Earlier Version 1) and it took almost one and half days to download with only two or three seeds.

Unfortunately it does not say how to make a bootable live DVD or Flash Drive.
All executable files of dos and sh are there but when they are run on a command line terminal, “permission denied message” comes up.
I cannot one understand why this is done for a Linux distribution unless with commercial intention.
This is the biggest down side of Gentoo too it has live a DVD which goes up to 4 GiB but there is is no script for installing.
It is this psychopathic behavior of some developers that makes Linux commercially not viable n shun newbies.
This is a a verse comment I have made academically (please not not with commercial intent) on a distribution apart from apartheid Linux which speaks for itself and violates the fundamentals of open source spirit of the game of computing.
As far as ordinary user is concerned this no longer an issue since there are over 100 Linux distributions with multi-language capability.
These distribution will be good for nothing or would be destined for the archives and sometimes without even an adverse comment.
How can I make even an adverse comment without experiencing the virtues for a moment?
I beats my guts out!
Newbies do not waste your precious time on these distributions in spite of glossy pages in their home web pages since there lot of nice birds out there.
Or else visit my Linux 100 or parafox or asokaplus.


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