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My answer to Ubuntu’s Unity Desktop Critics

My answer to Ubuntu’s Unity Desktop Critics

It looks like Ubuntu Linux has given lot of heartaches to its fan base.
I only use Ubuntu for demonstration of Linux versatility.
I am bit different compared to other Linux uses.
When I demonstrate Ubuntu I always say “Linux is not only Ubuntu”.
My point is to state that there are over 100 lovely Linux distributions for one to try.

Unlike the majority I strongly support the canonical’s new move to Unity.
I will only state one out of the many reasons.
Because of the smart move by Microsoft to give XP to OEM guys with netbooks, practically free, Linux could not penetrate netbooks.

If Ubuntu does not penetrate emerging tabloids market another opportunity will be lost..
Linux will be ahead of both Mac and Microsoft (Like the Android of Google) because of this move of Unity.
It is a smart move by the Ubuntu creator Mark Shuttleworth.
Only smart people will survive in this game.

I think ones who had come from Microsoft base will spread this negative publicity with hidden agenda but young and newbies will embrace Unity without reservation.
Time will be best judge whether what I say will materializes.

Ubuntu has to do one small thing right to shut the negative campaign.
Give them both options in a single DVD (two images for the prize of one, old and the new Unity) and I am sure they also will embrace Unity in no time.
I believe they already give this option and if thereis any problem Mint is there to fill the void.

Having said that Big Brother or the Good Father Debian will be  there to take the free open software to another level without anybody noticing it.
That is why I support many distributions.
For example Porteus (SLAX) base has done a excellent job without much funfair.
It is one of the best (KDE, LXDE) little distribution that has hit the market.
It is a little gem.

Dream-09 and its interpretation from Heaven

Dream-09 and its interpretation from Heaven

I had two bad nights in which I kept up all night doing some bizarre routines of editing a long text file into print form, downloading, burning iso images and testing them, blogging and making PowerPoint type of presentation with Google’s free TripWoW. 

I had a good night sleep yesterday and woke with a nice dream.

I thought Maha Brahma would be happy since the dream was related to heaven itself.

I was fed up with living on this planet with so much mosquitoes and very warm weather and sleeping only a brief period at night (reason for my keeping up at night is to thrash mosquitoes and send them to heaven instantaneously with my blessings).

They are crushed with rapid alternative and reciprocal movements of my hands closing together in symphony with mosquito music beating down by ears and the mosquitoes are not spared a moment of thought (thought block) of their own (when they die) and when they wake up, really reborn, they are there in heaven with Maha, fanning the senior Devas with hand held fans (instead of beating drums like on earth).

The Dream

I decided to vacate my post on earth and made an early entry to heaven,with the message in a long electronic PHP form.

1 made sure, I entered every cage, like when you fill the USA Visa forms, similar to our elderly politicians who wish to be born in America instead of heaven.

They call America the heaven on earth and only the most corrupt politicians that curry favour America, including Indians organizing IPL Cricket are allowed (Not Qaddafi Type) Visa to America and reborn again, there.

In my case I made sure I did not leave any gaps fearing anybody who enter the data into the computer might add unnecessary details that might prevent my qualification for entry to heaven.

Then I saw Maha himself going through the form personally because it was recognized as my personal writing by Maha.

However, he was not happy for not leaving any room inside and between cages where he can make some correction entries, if he so desires and put his stamp of approval.

 This was very unusual for me unlike e-forms in the web where they make it compulsory for almost all the entries to be filled so that search engines can put you in  some form of commercial category to market web goods and services at lib.

I was asking and making a big fuss why do you make it so difficult like pension claims and Maha put his hand on my shoulder and said, you are trying to be very clever aren’t you?

With the press of his hand I felt very heavy shock and woke up.

Sadly I was not in heaven but on my bed.

But I had a very pleasant sense of some ease and happiness that even in my dream I was speaking to the all almighty the Maha and not to a political big wig or a Sri-Lankan cricket selector who is a decider cum political leader who invites a yesteryear cricketer out of his skeleton cupboard to represent at Kingston Oval having looked at his previous record book on political affiliations.

Of course one gets a ticket to London and return on Cricket Board expenses.

Maha was bit puzzled.

He thought I really wanted to join him in a hurry and deprive him some good dreams from earth.

Equally he was concerned I was pulling a fast one to get some facilitator for rear entry like our old politicians and national thinkers who are almost demented but want to secure a National List MP Post.

Did you really dream this?

Of course, I replied.

Do you know how the leave is granted in heaven?

Not a slightest bit of idea, Sir.

Then he calmed down a lot and said, this was a good dream and it is futuristic and does not apply to you.

I was relieved.

Why were you concerned about leaving gaps in the e-form.

It is like this.

In heaven we grant leave to all applicants irrespective of their need.

But one has to leave a little space as a grace, offering me some administrative work space which is mandatory.

You have to mention the date of commencement only and not the date of return.

In our case what is important is the date of return.

Not the date of commencement, Sir.

We tend to fall sick for no reason, if the leave is not granted and if the date of return is not entered, then there is  a bigger problem.

It is not like that in heaven since we leave the date of return cage empty, I can just put a date at random when things demand and automatically the server sends an email alert with nice music to wake up the angels on leave on the right day.

By doing this I never have the problem of everybody applying for leave at the same time.

Or I see.

Do they sleep on holidays and do you go to other heavens for vacation?

I suppose they do so, but they get easily get bored when on leave and want to come back and activate their inborn desires and pastimes like listening to music, bit of gossiping about earth and it’s politics and interpreting dreams like what I am doing, now.

Did your boss real Maha leave an empty space.


My goodness.

That is why I am stuck here.

I do not have a space to make an entry and call him back even if I wanted to.

So this new regulation is one of your own creations to call back whenever you need somebody.

Yes, that was why I was bit worried and thought you are trying a fast one to get to grips with administration here even before coming here.

It is like our U.G.C Chairman putting a backdated regulation for his own survival.

Can I put an entry without empty spaces.

I will let you do that since now you know my devises but do not tell other gods and angles.


Dream Interpretation.

The interpretation is very simple because it relates mostly to Sri-Lanka.

In future when the future presidents want some things for himself he calls the guy /girls to the president house and give them a sumptuous meal.

Then he gets you to sign some blank papers undated and make you to leave gaps in the entry form.

For example you have a Tourist Hotel which is very popular at the beach side.

He comes there for a holiday and become interested in the property.

He invites you to his house for a drink and get all the papers ready for a 10 year rolling lease period.

So that is the end of the property, I guess.

Yes, especially if the guy or girl rub shoulders at a re-election or of the ruling party.

The problem is he will do this to the entire registered population  with in one year of election.

Only one census is enough and he will own the entire length and breath of the country.

How big is the country then?

The sea has advanced almost to Kandy and all the population is now in the hills and population is 100 times now.

If they do not sign what happens?.

They are loaded and sent as refugees to India by boat and India has 100,000 times more people than now and their sea has advanced almost to foothills of Himalaya.

There is no room for someone to lie down and all are standing upright and one out of thousand get a chance to lie down once a year for a holiday break for 10 to 15 minutes.

The humans have mutated a lot and have very strong legs and very long tapering hands to reach even trees (or for begging) and hang on for few minutes a day to give the legs a break and that also has to be done in turns and there is a token that handshake like a tablet (Like in ethernet and railway) that pass around from hand to hand and one can keep it only for few minutes lest you get a teaser shock with a laser satellite on orbit. 

One takes the table in one hand and reach a branch of a tree and let go the tablet before the tracer shock is given.

What about the toilets.

There is no problem, there is an automatic suction tube that sucks urine and scat separately even when one does not have the urge to go and they are used for new form of energy and water is recycled for reuse.

This is similar to the space technology developed in the shuttle.

 What about the air one breaths.

One has to open an insurance policy, the moment one is born for air safety (security)and it is controlled by the Government in power and the President himself is in charge.

Process is similar to water and electricity bills but more expensive and the cleaning plants  for air are connected to the same tube that suck out all excreta but with a different and safe viaduct for (breathing) air.

Free air is polluted and one cannot breath it.

 I do not think you should worry about these little things you will be gone many moons before this happens. 

Where to?

I am not suppose to tell you when you are still a human.


See you soon.


Small is Beautiful!
Below  are a few lines by a guy like me who like me lie little things.
this was written probably 5 years ago when the distribution was 25 MIB
I thank him for his precise description of SliTaz.

(This is easily my favorite live CD now. I admire DSL for being versatile and fast, and I do like the way Puppy Linux has evolved. But it’s hard to beat a pretty, usable, complete system that ducks under the 25Mb mark, and does it so well. Fatter distributions (and I’m thinking of Xubuntu, et al., here) would do well to notice how much can be done with so little).

 Read Porteus Linux too.

This minimal Swedish distribution is only 30 MiB and it has burner, browser, install script, gparted and a manual.
It can play music and watch a video and visualize a photograph.
Amazingly it is smaller that the Damn Small Linux (DSL).

It has a lovely graphic presence and is a server version.
I new about this and never bothered to downloaded it thinking it is only in text mode and no graphic.
I was proven wrong and it has a lovely graphic mode.
After installation one can use the package manager to install what one wants.
The is the down to earth customizable version of Linux and any version bigger than it will have to be treated with insulin.
It has two version stable version and a cooking version with a DVD with packages.
1.5 GiB for stable version and 2.7 for the coking version.
I am sorry guys and girls at SliTaz of my prejudices coming from a windows background.

Like Porteus Linux you get 100 out of 100 points from me and another 100 for being the smallest functional distribution and will be the latest convert of your distribution and would be downloading the packages.

Update on Mosquitoes

This is a prescription of remedies I proposed an old lady on the web, which she was probably looking for.
This discussion has even stimulated writers of the Scientific American, to write about mosquitoes.
I have subjected myself to extensive examination by all types of mosquitoes (they actually research on me and my behaviour rather than I do on them-I am the Guinea Pig) and I will roll out my own (not proven but very probable) theories too.
I hate cats and mosquitoes but unlike a cat I can kill mosquitoes.
Currently, I believe in control rather than killing of them.
The reason of that statement is that the larvae of mosquitoes have a biological role which we still do not understand yet.
I am going to write how to control them in detail in my blog asokaplus when I find time but for you I give some tips.
1. There are over 400 varieties (I am going by my memory and not by any search or research).
2. Only few of them carry diseases like Dengue and Malaria.
3. So I do not believe in WHO strategy of spraying and killing all the other insects too.
4. Do not believe WHO for a dime (most illiterate of doctors do research for WHO and most of them come from American Drug companies) but I believe in the clout dollar has on world economics including China.
5. Mosquitoes have remarkable property to adapt (probably the best genetic make up to resit and survive killer drugs within one year of its spray, much better than the fruit fly)
6. With global warming, they will migrate from tropic to temperate regions
7. They have elementary but properly developed sensors to find an unwilling prey and make a hot meal (37 C) at midnight when everybody is trying to drop to sleep.
1. One must get the name/s of the mosquitoes in your neighbourhood.
2. Know their life cycle
3. If the life cycle include larvae in water, the control is easy.
4. Breed some fish in the water and the Guppy fish will do fine.
You must choose a type of fish which survives in winter. In the case of Guppy one can raise them indoors in winter and release them come summer to the pools. 
They are easy to breed and very hardy fish and also very colourful.
5. My recent finding vary with WHO. 
They breed in the cesspits and they love that feature. 
If one is a scatologist this is for you.
Larvae thrive on residue of human feacal matter, which is mainly  a cocktail of aerobic and anaerobic bacteriae.
It has some fine biological tuning here (not the adult mosquito and that is why I consider they have a biological role).
If we look at how much rich Americans eat a day, a cesspit won’t last even a few days, if not for the ability of the mosquito larvae to get involved in bio-transformation and production of bio-gas, the pit will be full in no time.
I am a believer Americans can produce enough bio-gas from their faecal matter to supply even China (just for record they eat one pig in three years and one bull in 10 years -from 5 to 10 cows/bulls before they turn (50) fifty.
Things that one can do is to cover the commode when not in use. Mosquito laying eggs is prevented.
Look at where the cesspit is located and cover all the exit holes from where the adult mosquito escapes including the pipe that releases bio-gas (with a mosquito net and a rubber band). 
You must tell all your neighbours to do the same and I can assure you it will cut down the mosquito population to 85% of the population. 
With fish I have cut it down to 95% and the rest if they come to my bed room is of criminal intent and procedure.
No spraying for me, since they kill other insects except cockroaches.
If all this fails move to a higher ground with  cooler temperature where they do not breed. 
Over 5000 ft and what matters is not the height but the average temperature below 65 F.
  • Activity
    When we are active, mosquitoes do not approach us.
    May be our movements hinder their ability to home in or focus on the target chemical.Our bodies produce chemicals which have diurnal variation (steroids) of waste metabolites. 
  • Drinking beer:
    The reason isn’t exactly clear, but mosquitoes are more likely to be attracted to you after you’ve had some alcohol or beer.  I have two chemicals, the ketone and urea in your breath.
    But most plausible is they get a little more kick out of a meal with pure alcohol.
    Alcohol is a social attractant even in the insect world.
  • Dirty Feet:  
    Mosquitoes are attracted to our toe-jam (smelly feet) but not mine. 
  • Body heat: 
    Mosquitoes have sophisticated heat sensors, that is why they target our ears first and then target our breath
    When we are down with fever mosquitoes make sure they are around to provide background music to entertain our recuperating souls.
  • Moisture:  
    The moisture we exhale in breath and sweat in perspiration (urea and CO2) attract mosquitoes.
  • Relative darkness:  
    Mosquitoes are attracted to relative darkness, evenings and early morning and they hate bright lights (may be dry heat switch off heat sensors) and within seconds of switching the lights they emerge from under the bed or from roof.
  • Blood type:
    People with O and A type blood are more likely to attract mosquitoes and especially if they’re young. This is a conjecture and I am blood group A and my son is AB and they do attract me more than my son.  American Scientist.
    They are discovering various sensors with micro-imaging and gene technology. 
    They try to transplant gene segments of mosquito to Fruit Fly at various stages of (larvae) development and study the effects and the details are too heavy for a blog site like this.

Porteus Linux and who was Beilby Porteus

Porteus Linux is the best of SLAX (Slackware) distribution under 300 MiB with KDE and LXDE desktops.

SLAX is known for small Linux distributions and is now almost defunct but this production is excellent following it old tradition.

It has LMZA compression utility to pack all the KDE in under 300 and has K3B which I love.

It has excellent text expalining how to use it including making a USB stick.

I wonder why they use the name Porteus?

I give 100 out of 100 and another 100 for the name Porteus for reminding me of recent history.

Anniversary Sermon

Porteus used the opportunity afforded by the invitation to preach the 1783 Anniversary Sermon of the Society  for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts to criticise the Church’s role in ignoring the plight of the 350 slaves on its Codrington Estates in Barbados and to recommend means by which the lot of slaves there could be improved.
It was a well-reasoned and much-reprinted plea for The Civilisation, Improvement and Conversion of the Negroe Slaves in the British West-India Islands Recommended, and was preached at the church of St Mary-le-Bow before forty members of the society, including eleven bishops of the Church of England. When this largely fell upon deaf ears, Porteus next began work on his Plan for the Effectual Conversion of the Slaves of the Codrington Estate, which he presented to the SPG committee in 1784 and, when it was turned down, again in 1789. His dismay at the rejection of his Plan by the other bishops is palpable. His Diary entry for the day reveals his moral outrage at the decision and at what he saw as the apparent complacency of the bishops and the committee of the Society at its responsibility for the welfare of its own slaves.
These were the first challenges to the establishment in an eventual 26-year campaign to eradicate slavery in the British West Indian colonies. Porteus made a huge contribution and eventually turned to other means of achieving his aims, including writing, encouraging political initiatives, and supporting the sending of mission workers to Barbados and Jamaica. Deeply concerned about the lot of the slaves as a result of the reports he received, Porteus became a committed and passionate abolitionist, the most senior churchman of his day to take an active part in the campaign against slavery.

Above is a small part WiKiPedia reproduction of life of Beilby Porteus for the reading of some British football hooligans turned Human Rights Activist of present day.

I should say when I was working in estate sector as a doctor the conditions of Indian Tamils were far worse (look at the BBC production of 1975-BBC then did not use faked videos, like Channel 4) when British were running the Estates.
In 1975 I had to do postmortems of Tamil Estate Workers who ate Manioc with their leaves and died of cyanide poisoning.
We have a saying do not spit looking upwards.
They land on your face immediately.
As far as I am concerned it does not matter which side the fence one is in.
Criminal is a criminal whether he is in or outside prison.
The definition does not change because of skin colour.

How to make a Hot ABI-Word Soup out of Word Processing (Mallum) Noodles

I was writing a small booklet from the gathering of various pieces of my writing, not related to y blogging of course.

 Blogging and copying one web format to another can be a noodle soup with entangled code soup if you paste from one web application to another even though web format is a standard without jargon or macros.

 But due to universal presence of Java applets that creep into the web format that is also can be pain in the ass.

 But nothing to compare with Word processing applications from Microsoft to Word Perfect to K-office to Open Office to LibreOffice.

 I had done the formatting in all of the above and when I wanted to get that to print form for a particular length and breath of the book the macros were playing Pandu (Cricket).

 After 24 hours of struggling with K-Office and Open Office, I decided to give up.

 What ever I did a macro from five years ago will creep in and none were print ready in spite of conversion to PDF.

 I decided to remove macros.

 Can you guess.

In earlier edition of Open Office before it became a Gorilla and much bigger than Microsoft Word sometimes, Open office 1 and 2 let you remove the macros and when I had the same problem when finishing my thesis and get print format ready I used them.

 Even I find LibreOffice is a pain in the neck.

 So what I did was import the document over 100 pages to a ABiWord, my dear friend, now very versatile.

 With 3 hours of juggling I removed all irritating formatting macros and got it less heavy.

 Mind you I could not change the colour blue (I use blue for eye pleasing effect) to black in some part of the document due to so much of background macros.

 I saved the document in abi format.


Luckily Abiword does not have page formatting ability and my current page layout of 6 by 9 inches were left untouched.


Then I forgot I have to post a blog in the morning and I did not want to write something long having worked three hours on the trot on a word document of 100 pages.

 If you are stuck only ABiword will help you to remove macros.

 I kept the the page size and number of pages to my original plans but few pages less than the original.

 Not only that I saved huge amount of memory and when I upload it to America it will be quick too.

 There is always a package in Linux to bail you out and for 24 hours I am going to sleep without typing a word.

 It will be 24 hours before you get a post from me.

Thank god we are on industrial action and today is Saturday.


Please excuse me for the typos.


I will edit them when I get up.


Update including Cricket

I hope above blog post done in only ten minutes before I went to sleep needed, another 25 minutes of editing and looking for typos.

I was I was listening to BBC radio and listening to cricket and I had to give up editing and went down to my son’s room and peo TV was blocked for (cricket from UK) then I had make my wife to move out to answer a call to get to the digital TV (Capture card)and tune into Eye Channel and was able see to Mahela’s mastery.

Take my word, they are the modern version of Rohan Kanhaie and Kallicherran of yesteryear West Indies. 

This I said long time ago when they were young

I will not miss a match when Mahela is on song.

Sanga should learn a lesson or two from Mahela.

West Indies cricketres who are young and never seen the two classy players mentioned above should watch Mahela and Sanga play limited over games and believe that they can produce high class players (there problem is batting once Lara was gone).

The difference in the above two players as opposed to Sri-Lankan players were they always played like that every time they came to the crease, limited or not.


I never missed them when they came to Colombo on short visits (including great Westly Hall, Greenich and Griffith and I think Lance Gibbs the spinner).

Sorbers I have not seen playing live.


There is a documentary on West Indian cricket of yesteryear produced by a cricket loving Englishman. Everybody who is a cricket liver should see that documentary including West Indians.


Without them cricket will be dead the way Indians cronies (not players) not West Indian who are marketing cricket like tooth paste and soap opera (Bollywood style).


I hope west Indies stop fighting and play gentleman cricket and beat India who has become too big for comfort for any cricket (IPL included.) 

They actually gave Indian a wake up call and  scare.

If not for Dravid, the Wall (a real mature cricketer of class, whom I like very much) I will be rubbing salt on their woulds.

Dravid was one player who was very badly treated by Indian Cricket Selectors, who thinks that any Indian who can play soft ball cricket can represent India.

Now that Kersten is gone like in Sri-lanka (political involvement) all the cronies will get in to ruin Indian Cricket Board and ICC.

On a finer note my daughter, my wife and the Gon Bass (work supervisor) did not let me sleep even three hours at a stretch and woke me up three times on three different occasions in spite of the fact it was a Saturday.

My dog was the only considerate soul who did not disturb my sleep but left a big poo in the living room to state emphatically, industrial action all right I need to go out and I am not a prisoner on hold like in Guanthhimala Bay.

I got the message and decided to regularize my daily routines at least with the dog.

Coming back to ABiWord, it has 30 odd different formats including PDF and LaTex.

Its Pdf file is so light and opens in a Flash.

Who needs Adobe Flash anyway?

I have now decided to learn LaTeX as soon as possible before I am too old (grumpy dog) to learn a new tricks to please the master, from above the Maha Brahma.

I think LaTeX would take even less code behind the keyboard.

Learn it now if you are a young person.

Web Etiquette and finding a suitable webbing name for blogging and browsing.

Web Etiquette and finding a suitable webbing name for blogging and browsing.
I searched over 100 web pages to find my web entry (accidental) on a blog site and what I discovered was something I should write here and is important for several reasons.
It is remarkable that several tendencies of the SMS age is evident.
1. Most of them were blogging for fun and only a very few for humor or satire.
The world without humor for me is not worth living and boring.
I like the subtle humour as opposed to crude humor where one has to tickle one’s arm pit to initiate the process, almost self induced.
Humor has to be infectious and spontaneous.
 The modern age of computing it it is noteworthy of its lack.
The worst of satire in Linux terms is flamming which I am opposed to.
I was brought up in a age of discussion and discrete disagreement and not infighting but that is what one sees today.
2. Second observation I notices was one does not know how to use a pseudonym or what edifiers call the screen or newspaper adopted name for acting and freelance writing.
The problem with this is that one wants to search for self to see how one fares in the Wild Web as opposed to Wild West of yesteryear is that the pseudonym does not appear when Googling and often to the disappointment to many. 
That is the topic here but I should state one more of my observations before getting into that topic.
3. Most of the young ones start blogging after some personal grieve (not death) and disappointment. 
Often break up of love affairs. I often think breakups are good for many to learn real life situation before getting into serious commitments which most of them are not yet ready.
It should be of positive dynamics rather than negative so to speak.
So blogging is not a bad thing to pass over the tide but I found a serious impediment there.
It is like this if one is attending a a diabetic clinic for the young and fall in love with a diabetic i am in noway encourage that.
Two bad genes and you (the two) end up with many diabetic children as parents. 
Getting to know another diabetic is a good for one’s soul to learn to cope with but not to get married, for heaven sake.
My observation confirms that there was unhealthy pairing.
To emotionally labile getting together leads to disaster
Falling from ditch to a very deep pit which is worse than two diabetics getting together where on can treat with insulin.
This is sure recipe for more disappointments and even suicide.
At that stage what you need is a sympathetic friend (not a lover) and a very good counsellor with adult stature.

Coining a suitable pseudonym has to be done with care.
It is often trial and error.
I will come out with a story.
I went abroad for a short holiday and the idea was to buy a laptop without an operating system and to boot it at the airport with a Linux CD while waiting for the plane before check in call.
I actually did that.
When I went to several places knowing that I was foreigner they wanted to sell me (more profit) always with an operating system
Eventually it end up almost with a fight but I did not cave in.
For my like at last I found a very nice charming salesgirl who quoted me  a very reasonable price whiteout an operating system (boss did not want it that way).
I had show the guy I was not a stupid foreigner and pulled out a Puppy Linux from my front shirt pocket and booted up and in with the internet and typed Linux and my Christian name.
There were 20 of my entries including Gonbas, Gembas and Gambase in Linux.

My friend who was residing in that country too was amazed and he was a computer guy. 
He helped me to go to the correct warehouse of course.
Without much a do we closed the deal.

Irony was the word Linux. It is very little used in the web and my Christian name was very, very common.
It was all fortuitous but worked for me.
If one has a common name like Sara or David one can still work with it without adding numericals.
I change paradox to parafox and it is the name I use here.
Then I start using not prefix or suffix like in English.
Tailing words combined.
1. Saralive or seralive or sierralove
2. Davidknock, Davidcook or Davidcock and the vagary is almost limitless.
The word is not a English, Name or a English Word and it will hit the top of Google engine in no time.
For French it is very easy.
Just combine se, le, la to make one word.
Only nearest word that came near my parafox was in fact French.

I use fox to fox the foxes live, like the Channel 4.

I hope you got the onions and foxes right by now. 
Hope yup, you rise to the top in the web of antonymous

Dream-08 and interpretation from heaven

This dream was a good one and I hope Maha Brahma gives me a good interpretation.
I dream a lot nowadays, simply because we are on industrial action and that gave me a liberal choice to dream whenever it pleases me and also to avoid dreams related to our action on day time.
Now I even dream on an armchair or a baby chair and  I can be considered a armchair dreamer with a paltry pension to support myself in twilight years.
I can tell you dreaming is good for your soul and your brain and it invigorates you and make you more creative.
I hope the industrial action would go on for ever, so that I can develop a good relationship with Maha Brahma and who knows he might give me a new least next time round.
Again the dream is aeriel type related to flying but not interplanetary episode.

The Dream 

I was staying with one of my friends who was top class civilian pilot.
He too was a good dreamer not on flight unlike present day pilots with autopilot and drop to sleep in the cockpit for no reason.
He has seen my dreams and wanted to share my experience an how to get into sleep mode.
We were chatting and it was big double bed with my head on his foot side and his the opposite side.
His first question was how can you dream so easily  the interplanetary stuff and have you read Archer C. Clark’s books.
I said; No he was too boring without even dry humor I never read his books but only look at the pictures in his books.
In any case I was a very bad dreamer till lately.
How come?
Second time in my life I joined an industrial action and at the beginning I was dreaming of fat salary hike, like your are getting.
Then without any effort I got the part of my brain charged (part I never used when I was working) and secret is industrial action.
You mean to say if I want to have good dreams, I should go on strike.
Air industry won’t let me do that know?
That is not my problem but we can exchange our jobs and you become a Professor of Air of Idiosyncrasy in Sri-Lanka and I become a civilian pilot.
Have I got to wear a beard?
No but the salary one gets is not enough for a good shave and that is why we do not shave or take a haircut.
I see, I though when you grow a bread it makes one more creative.
What nonsense?
Then suddenly I went into deep sleep mode.
I saw a plane going over our head and he said that is the pane i will be piloting.
hurry up and get ready.
My friend like a fire Fighter in 3 minutes was ready and he was reading his flight schedule.
I woke up but went to sleep again and again in my dream state.
Finally he pulled me out of the bed I do not remember whether he kicked my head or backside but got up and got dressed.
Then when I was looking for a pair of shoes I did not fine a pair.
i usually by two pairs of the same type since one shoe is damaged, i take one from the other.
What happens is when I use my creative (right) side of the brain shoe on the opposite side of the brain wears off faster and when I use the logical brain (left) the shoes on the right side wears of. I never use both sides of the brain at the same time for my own sanity, simply because I can get one shoe at a time repaired from the salary we get (never both).
If I use both sides of the brain I deserve twice the salary anyway.
By this method I can use both pairs of shoes as long as possible until my dog decides that it is time for a good and a smelly chew.
I was trying to pick a proper pair for half an our and I could not and my friend’s size was twice my size and he was of no help.
The the car which is to take us to the airport arrived and i decided to go only on socks.
He said I was breaking the protocol and one has to be properly dressed.
I jumped into the car only with socks and he put all my shoes in the booty and we were on our way and was one hour late.
First time in his life my friend, the pilot lost a flight (and his license too) and I too lost a chance to go to his cabin for a free drink (soft drink of course).
I thought I am going to lose a friend and that’s it.
When I woke up my friend was sleeping well and I was under the bed with both his shoes in my hands.
You remember we slept on in opposite directions.
Actually I got up because of the nasty smell of his shoes.
I quickly put his shoes on his head end my shoes on my head end. 
So if you share a room with your friends make sure that you put shoes outside.
Maha was excited about the dream but he always exchange some pleasantries and that is the way the heaven works.
He asked me have you ever missed a flight?
Only once nearly so I told him.
How come?
I was saying with one (really two-husband and wife) of my friends and they had a domestic fight before we left home and we got late.
I thought people do not fight when visitors are there.
Not like in heaven, we make sure that we start a fight so that the third party also can join in and make it worse.
Did you join in?
If I did that I would have missed the flight.
I joined the queue and made a request to pay for the extra luggage to have some leeway to catch up with the lost time.
I quickly paid and luggage was in transit.
The final call was out in seconds and I had to run for next twenty minutes with a flight attendant.
Because I had gone to pay for extra luggage they knew I had checked in and she came in search of me.
When we were running security stopped me at several gates (Thank god LTTE was not known then) and checked and the flight attendant could not help.
One point I was so annoyed and I pulled out a tooth brush and a tooth paste and some tiny teddy bear from my pockets and the senior came and said well let him go, lest he will miss the plane.
So we finally (she was in front in the latter stages) reached the gate and all doors were closed except the rear emergency entry from which we got in.
I must say I had a lovely flight home and the flight attendant kept the big teddy in her cabin ( I did not have any space since I was the last to enter) and I was served some extra liquor too.
Mind you I was the first to get out of the plane with the courtesy of the flight attendants.
That is a very nice true story and he was about to dish out his explanation, I asked him, I am going to miss a ride / a flight to heaven isn’t it?
Do not be impatient old man.
I cannot tell that in advance but anyway  this story is not related to you.
This is about future.
This has nothing to do with flying.
In time to come there will be food shortages, the shoes represent scarcity of food and people eating from filthy dustbins, like dogs.
Missed flight represent the hunger.
Is it in Ceylon?
Don’t you realize now itself the coconut is Rs.50= and there are no coconuts then, not even imported.
There is no rice too.
No paraya dogs?
Yes no paraya (stray) dogs too.
They have eaten all cats and dogs and bird of feather, too.
They are on the verge of cannibalism.
I think I should not go any further.
What is time scale?
Don’t worry, you have gone out well before that?
I cannot tell you that sunna!
He disappeared quickly.

se demander -to wonder, how could I master French?

French is a beautiful language on paper but not when a native French speaks to another native (not English of course) French.
English however has grabbed all the niceties (not English speaking diplomats including Koreans) including cricket commentators of yesteryear.The worst of the crime to French and English is perpetuated by English and Canadian Football Hooligans now turned Human Right Protectors of the World.
Below is a collection of French sayings I copied from the web with only one word demande.
In English it is corrupted to force of demand in colonial times of the past and now channel 4 outbursts of Human rights (most of them were few years ago Football Hooligans).Enjoy even if you cannot pronounce them especially, the tongue-tied English, who cannot pronounce my name in full (it is a violation of My Human Right anyway).

demander la lune
to ask for the moon

se demander
to wonder, to ask oneself

se demander bien pourquoi…
to not be able to figure out why…

Cela ne se demande pas !
That’s a stupid question!

Il est parti sans demander son reste.
He left without a murmur.

Que demande le peuple ?
What more could you ask for?

Je ne demande qu’à vous voir.
All I ask is to see you.

demander la parole
to ask for permission to speak

Also how corrupt it has got when it turned into English?

Parle has cahnged to parole (change in tense) and English parole (in French it is the freedom to speak-French Revolution but in English the freedom to move -physical freedom of it’s incarcerated inmates including Sri-Lankans in Ceylon after 1815, tortured and killed in prisons.

Now these English and the “Whites” speak of Human Rights which they violated including French in Africa in colonial times.

They all are hypocritical including Channel 4.

Cherry Tomatoes

At the beginning of the year when I decided to blog on a topic at random I decided to use a plant (plant for my life) as a topic, if I run short an idea and get bored.

I could write only a few and there were many topics that came at random, I had to put that ides on a back burner for sometime, especially because of the World Cup Cricket and I had enough new Linux distribution downloaded to write about.

then again I thought I will restrict to drought resistant and somewhat alien to my city.

Never ever I though I will write about cherry tomatoes.

I have very little time for gardening and what I call my gardening is not really gardening.

It can be rephrased as “garden patch watching”, in other words it is a little patch of garden left to elements and let it grow everything and anything in that area.

The little patch allowed to grow and go wild.

My interventions are if the spell is very dry (which is now) and no rain make sure I water them late at midnight and over weekends if nasty that hinder community growth are found pull them out.

My seeders (not Linux seeders) are the birds.

I am very fortunate that we live in the pathway of bird migration (winter birds) and type of birds were little bit more this year than that last year.

Left over rice and food is thrown all over and they do come very early as early as 4 am in the morning an as late as 5 to 6 pm.

I some time get up with them singing (but lazy to get up and see who is coming and who is not coming) but make a mental note of the various sing songs they mix the ariel ambiance (like the common cuckoo).

Few months ago, I saw a tomato plant on the wall side of the foot steps leading to rear of the house (very few walk up that path, except me to feed the fish in a little pond/tank) and growing in a crevice. Probably the seeds have been taken there by the ants but nor recovered in time.

It started growing slowly and then quickly crossed the narrow foot (its spread was over the foot steps) path and even the dog did walk gently over it. My dog loves plants and their smell and have the habit of sniffing the leaves and discriminating them from the civets foot steps at night.

Tomato is a tropical plant and love dry and warm climate and my intention was to watch it as a bio-indicator(mind you tomatoes are very very cheap nowadays).

It started flowering and bearing beautiful tiny fruits.

Very soon they were garnishing the dinner table (without telling anybody I picked a few washed and kept them on the dinner table).

Now it is very dry and no rain for few days and it is drying up with reaming fruits all over the place and when the rain comes they will germinate and few will be taken to various places by ants and to the back garden.

The spread is left to nature and I want to see how many of them survive.

As a small insurance I took a few of them and spread among the roof top garden.

Believe it or not I have a young pipal (Bo) tree on the rooftop which I have treated with absolute disdain (unlike many Buddhists) for the last three years except watering it when it is near to its final hour.

Irony is in this Buddhist county I cannot find a place to replant it (in this Kandy city-ritualistically Buddhist) but our Buddhist go to India to warship the sacred pipal tree.

I am using it as a bio-indicator and if it dies, I am pretty sure there will be a significant drought in this country.

This tree also thanks to the birds who visit us.

When our coal power plant is in full swing, surely we will lose some more birds including migrant and i want have seeders except Linux guys who seed me with Linux derivatives an not living seeds or plants..