Dream-08 and interpretation from heaven

This dream was a good one and I hope Maha Brahma gives me a good interpretation.
I dream a lot nowadays, simply because we are on industrial action and that gave me a liberal choice to dream whenever it pleases me and also to avoid dreams related to our action on day time.
Now I even dream on an armchair or a baby chair and  I can be considered a armchair dreamer with a paltry pension to support myself in twilight years.
I can tell you dreaming is good for your soul and your brain and it invigorates you and make you more creative.
I hope the industrial action would go on for ever, so that I can develop a good relationship with Maha Brahma and who knows he might give me a new least next time round.
Again the dream is aeriel type related to flying but not interplanetary episode.

The Dream 

I was staying with one of my friends who was top class civilian pilot.
He too was a good dreamer not on flight unlike present day pilots with autopilot and drop to sleep in the cockpit for no reason.
He has seen my dreams and wanted to share my experience an how to get into sleep mode.
We were chatting and it was big double bed with my head on his foot side and his the opposite side.
His first question was how can you dream so easily  the interplanetary stuff and have you read Archer C. Clark’s books.
I said; No he was too boring without even dry humor I never read his books but only look at the pictures in his books.
In any case I was a very bad dreamer till lately.
How come?
Second time in my life I joined an industrial action and at the beginning I was dreaming of fat salary hike, like your are getting.
Then without any effort I got the part of my brain charged (part I never used when I was working) and secret is industrial action.
You mean to say if I want to have good dreams, I should go on strike.
Air industry won’t let me do that know?
That is not my problem but we can exchange our jobs and you become a Professor of Air of Idiosyncrasy in Sri-Lanka and I become a civilian pilot.
Have I got to wear a beard?
No but the salary one gets is not enough for a good shave and that is why we do not shave or take a haircut.
I see, I though when you grow a bread it makes one more creative.
What nonsense?
Then suddenly I went into deep sleep mode.
I saw a plane going over our head and he said that is the pane i will be piloting.
hurry up and get ready.
My friend like a fire Fighter in 3 minutes was ready and he was reading his flight schedule.
I woke up but went to sleep again and again in my dream state.
Finally he pulled me out of the bed I do not remember whether he kicked my head or backside but got up and got dressed.
Then when I was looking for a pair of shoes I did not fine a pair.
i usually by two pairs of the same type since one shoe is damaged, i take one from the other.
What happens is when I use my creative (right) side of the brain shoe on the opposite side of the brain wears off faster and when I use the logical brain (left) the shoes on the right side wears of. I never use both sides of the brain at the same time for my own sanity, simply because I can get one shoe at a time repaired from the salary we get (never both).
If I use both sides of the brain I deserve twice the salary anyway.
By this method I can use both pairs of shoes as long as possible until my dog decides that it is time for a good and a smelly chew.
I was trying to pick a proper pair for half an our and I could not and my friend’s size was twice my size and he was of no help.
The the car which is to take us to the airport arrived and i decided to go only on socks.
He said I was breaking the protocol and one has to be properly dressed.
I jumped into the car only with socks and he put all my shoes in the booty and we were on our way and was one hour late.
First time in his life my friend, the pilot lost a flight (and his license too) and I too lost a chance to go to his cabin for a free drink (soft drink of course).
I thought I am going to lose a friend and that’s it.
When I woke up my friend was sleeping well and I was under the bed with both his shoes in my hands.
You remember we slept on in opposite directions.
Actually I got up because of the nasty smell of his shoes.
I quickly put his shoes on his head end my shoes on my head end. 
So if you share a room with your friends make sure that you put shoes outside.
Maha was excited about the dream but he always exchange some pleasantries and that is the way the heaven works.
He asked me have you ever missed a flight?
Only once nearly so I told him.
How come?
I was saying with one (really two-husband and wife) of my friends and they had a domestic fight before we left home and we got late.
I thought people do not fight when visitors are there.
Not like in heaven, we make sure that we start a fight so that the third party also can join in and make it worse.
Did you join in?
If I did that I would have missed the flight.
I joined the queue and made a request to pay for the extra luggage to have some leeway to catch up with the lost time.
I quickly paid and luggage was in transit.
The final call was out in seconds and I had to run for next twenty minutes with a flight attendant.
Because I had gone to pay for extra luggage they knew I had checked in and she came in search of me.
When we were running security stopped me at several gates (Thank god LTTE was not known then) and checked and the flight attendant could not help.
One point I was so annoyed and I pulled out a tooth brush and a tooth paste and some tiny teddy bear from my pockets and the senior came and said well let him go, lest he will miss the plane.
So we finally (she was in front in the latter stages) reached the gate and all doors were closed except the rear emergency entry from which we got in.
I must say I had a lovely flight home and the flight attendant kept the big teddy in her cabin ( I did not have any space since I was the last to enter) and I was served some extra liquor too.
Mind you I was the first to get out of the plane with the courtesy of the flight attendants.
That is a very nice true story and he was about to dish out his explanation, I asked him, I am going to miss a ride / a flight to heaven isn’t it?
Do not be impatient old man.
I cannot tell that in advance but anyway  this story is not related to you.
This is about future.
This has nothing to do with flying.
In time to come there will be food shortages, the shoes represent scarcity of food and people eating from filthy dustbins, like dogs.
Missed flight represent the hunger.
Is it in Ceylon?
Don’t you realize now itself the coconut is Rs.50= and there are no coconuts then, not even imported.
There is no rice too.
No paraya dogs?
Yes no paraya (stray) dogs too.
They have eaten all cats and dogs and bird of feather, too.
They are on the verge of cannibalism.
I think I should not go any further.
What is time scale?
Don’t worry, you have gone out well before that?
I cannot tell you that sunna!
He disappeared quickly.

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