Dream 10 and its interpretation from Heaven

This dream was somewhat painful but its interpretation is amazingly futuristic.
But I must give the background for dreaming such a bizarre episode that you will never get in our soap opera televisions.
One of my Christian friends who is a good scientist, one day approached me with a pile of medical reports which he was using to prepare a request for help for organ transplant in India. I am not going to divulge any of the details that might give a clue to the one who is diseased now and probably gracefully in heaven,too. 
He was nice soul but his company could not or was not prepared to raise money for his medical treatment.
I looked at the reports and told him hurry up lest he want have time to raise a huge amount of money before his demise (details again would not be appropriate here).
As usual I have a little story for my friends to get them activated, by relating how these things are done in developed countries. In this country by the time one finds an  ambulance which takes ages, the patient is moribund. This month itself we have gone for 4 funerals and the stories I hear should be canonized for posterity how things are done here.

Many moons age when I was working in countries down under on a Saturday night and  nearly Sunday morning, I got a call to see a patient. Unlike here the nurses I worked with there were very energetic and smart and I knew something was amiss for they to call me since I just returned home after very hectic night.
I told the switchboard, I need at one hour of rest and exactly one hour of rest was interrupted with the emergency call.
I could not visit this ward before coming home. I went there immediately and saw the patient with what we call acute abdomen.
It did not take five minutes for me to realize what was wrong and I called the surgeon on call and asked him to come as soon as possible
He did come and looked at the notes and asked me why you have not written anything on the notes.
I told him I cannot do that honestly.
He asked why?
If I write the diagnosis you and your friends would have to curse me for the rest of my life.
He got the message and we had a quiet chat.
We set everything in motion and Monday morning he was airlifted to a country where needful could be done.
No money spent on the part of the patient.
This is the only time in my life I did not write a single letter on the notes, even though my name was all over the nursing record.
Few months later, I returned home and the patient had an organ transplant and was recovering.
Needless to say all three surgeons (they trusted me for everything I did) were trying to fix a job in another hospital for me when I said I am going to leave.
I politely declined and came home.
Point I am illustrating is the time and speed of action are intimately related when life is critically endangered.
Then on Friday when I was waking up to the  Bank, I saw the photograph of the one mentioned above posted on the wall. I immediately rushed to see my friend but he had already gone to the funeral house.

The dream

It was brief and being a dream the setting was unusual.
I was call in for a delivery at short notice.
Mother not married.
Site was new supermarket of Kandy and the first floor, probably near a toilet.
It looked like a labour room and no people were there (very uusual for even a labour room). 
Delivered the baby and wrapped it with something and kept  him/her on the floor. The suddenly another one came out not breathing and there was no resuscitation equipment and suddenly like from heaven packed came down with a ET tube.

Then I asked where is the laryngoscope?.
Beautiful plastic disposable one came down.
Then I said where are the batteries and somebody like an angle (not the Nighting Gale) put the batteries and handed over the laringoscope.
All these happened in lightening speed and I tried to put it in the air passage but it went in a little and broke up with the larynx. This has not happened to me and never have I used a plastic equipment in my life in this type of scenario, I really got frightened and felt I was in alien ship.
Then I looked round to see the other baby was pale and not breathing.
I asked the woman why didn’t you tell me that you were having twins.
She grinned like witch and said I did not know.
I got more frightened.
With that fright I woke up.
Gladly I was in my bed but not fallen out.
No aliens, no angles and no witches around, I went back to sleep, anticipating another with a humorous tone.
But that never happened and poste the email to Mah Brahma in the morning.
Sure enough I got almost return of post interpretation.
He exchanged pleasantries and said this is a good one.
I immediately asked what was the second part of the episode which I missed.
Did the babies die?
Big No.
That part you saw was a playback of a video of an earlier delivery.
Don’t con? 
I said.
The babies were real and they were not breathing.
NO, NO, You were not that bad, both of them survived and you did very well and you resuscitated them in good time.
They were bonny babies.
Then why a video?
That was to fool the mother.
What for?
Don’t you realize she was not married?
She would be happy that they died and she could be released without any birth certificates.
What’s Up?
The babies were whisked away to a Five Star Hospital in a helicopter?
Can you guess?
Not a faintest of idea, I said.
So they have Five Star hospital to look after parentless babies.
That is futuristic for me.
Don”t you realize you idiot?
That hospital is the best transplant hospital in Sri-Lanka.
That is a miracle for me.
It is not a miracle but it is true.
In your time frame what is the price of an organ.
100 million.
Don’t con?
We give 100 million to dead ones in this country but a policemen has to shoot first.
In future they do not shoot anybody but they take them to transplant hospital and anaesthetize them.
I was getting confused.
What for?
Are you good at arithmetic?
How many organs in the body?
Many, let me count.
Can you multiply that with 100 millions.
That is the current cost of a live baby and then multiply with two (twins).
That hit me on my frontal lobe which is the neobrain.
So they take the baby and used every possible part for transplant.
Who are the eligible or expectant recipients?
All rich and politically connected or related to the ruling party.
Who authorize the papers.
Can’t you guess?
I suppose, I can.
But I told him that cannot be futuristic.
Our current plan is to harvest organs in pigs with stem cells and in your time frame we would be realistically harvesting organs in a genetically manipulated half animal (half pig) half human symbiont and we do not need to kill babies to do that especially twins.
That is what you dream but what really will happen is what I told you, Maha said.
Will I be a transplant surgeon then.
Thank you Sir.
But it is not futuristic.
How come?
I told him. 
It has happened in this country (poor refuges were used, under the guise of appendicectomy and one Kidney at a time was removed) in Colombo and will happen in this country in future too and foreigners come here to adopt children in developed Western countries and some use this method and trade for transplant schemes, of the host country.
What is the price of adoption?
Under 1 million.
What was the price I quoted.
One hundred (100) for each organ and may be 100,000 for  baby or cradle transport.
Don’t you realize that is futuristic?
I suppose so.
Shall I wind up these session?
It sickens me to hear these future developments.
I am happy with what is now and these things are gaudy, I said.
Then what about my hobby?
Can’t you change to a new hobby.
I suppose I can but I have go back and think.
Don’t gods think?
Not generally and we don’t have any worries know?.
But we think about you to keep occupied.
I see.
Then he turned round to go with a little bit of sad face.
Do you get sad?
Sometimes I do and real Maha is on eternal holiday know?
In that case  I have a new proposal. 
Do you like to have a hearty laugh?
I really do.
Can you sent me some funny gas (Nitric Oxide) from heaven?
It gets one into dreamy state and funny dreams too.
Can you make it more funny?
So here onwards, when I send you a dream you should scan it on a scale of 1 to 10. 
If it is above 7 you give me the interpretation provided that the interpretation is also funny.
Can you make a software for it.
No problem, I said.
I will make a software and have a tickly brush attached to the mouse and it will jump up and tickle you if the score is 7 and above.
Can you make the score to 10.
No problem.
And then he vanished.
So guys, if you don’t here anymore dreams soon it is because that scale is put to 10 on Maha Brahmas request.
If you have anything of that nature please post it here, under my name, will you?

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