A New Way to Blog-WebOS

A New Way to Blog is WebOS
WordPress is adding, a cool way to blog on HP Touch pad.
It is called WeBbOS.
They say they will add this feature to other Touchpads soon with WYSWIG (What You See What You Get) approach.
Apple ipods will have to wait and probably customers will beg for it to be included in its applications list which is huge. in thousands.
Which is one reason I promote Ubuntu’s Unity approach, catch and go with the trends setters of modern age determined by OEM guys producing new gadgets.
It is sad the ones who paid for netbooks, have to buy another gadget and put the netbooks in the skeleton cupboard.
Unlike few years ago, new devises reach the market within a year of innovation except for  3 years as in the past.
I hope Kindlier also take giant strides.
It is heart worthy to note Amazon is introducing audio books for the visually handicaps.

Nothing is going to be roadworthy unless the software catch up with the gadgets that come by dozens.


There is some system lag when one tries to do multitasking with TouchPads.
This I consider a teething problem, every new gadget will have but given few years from now Linux in the fringe (not windows) will do all these faster than it is today.
There is lot of background activity when you activate any gadget.

I think now Linux has to refine time sharing activity to nanoseconds and not milliseconds. I believe Linux can achieve this with tweaking and compression and possibly adding a swop partition to its hard disk (small disk-SSD) upping the RAM memory.

Below is a comment I borrowed and reproduced from a tech writer.

The philosophy baked into the iPad of one app at a time might be viewed as a shortfall in some folk’s eyes, but it results in a smooth, consistent user experience for all of the millions of owners. Do one thing and do it well was advice from my Dad growing up, and it has served me well. It is serving Apple well too.


This was written before the bust up of HP and with it the WebOS.

It is time for the Linux guys and wordpress in particular to grab the opportunity and develop WebOS into a Universal Utility that everyone can have it and use it in any form of tablet (any OEM) which will hit the market including Apple’s iPad.



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