Update on Dropbox and Concerns

Current news and security lapses are bringing bad publicity to Dropbox.

I had all these concerns when I joined Dropbox but I had My Mast Plan (MMP).
When my friends join me I highlight MMP (My Master Plan) and state I share only Linux Images.
It is a convenient place to drop latest tit bits there and share.
In any case is I am following Linux Philosophy and share all the good things in my life with my friends except daily headaches.
What Dropbox does is takes headache out of context.
Very few people are web comfortable and competent especially at my age.
I have one advice for them
Unless you have become an universal philanthropist pleas do not drop your smelly pants (Like the IMF guys and girls) in the open.
The word encrypting is a jargon word and any encrypted word or words can unencrypted by the law enforcing officers.
But it takes a hell of a big time consuming job until one crack the coding.
We were a country (for the last 35 years and even now) because of the war secret service has the option of breaking into any private material.
This paranoia has gone into American mind set after WiKiLeaks and there are demanding the web services for free access of private material.
News of the World is a good example how one makes its circulation grow by illegal means.
Thank god that web came in and destroyed the monopoly these private institutions had for dirty tricks.
Web is still evolving but one has to realize if one opens an email account one has to be ready and sacrifice ones own privacy and identity for the greater good for self and the wider audience.
This is a very good philosophical question, should one share information or not?
In spite of all red herrings I go for sharing.
In my way of understanding Buddhist Philosophy, self does not exist now or after my death but people will only talk about all the bad things I did (I am not there to defend myself) and not the good things.
Man has not evolved into a higher state (in spite of massive law enforcing institutions) of mind as yet and probably will not unless one becomes selfless (which is highly unlikely).
When you share something one should use the wiser counsel, should I or should I not?
If you have answered that premise, very unlikely one is going to get into trouble by using Dropbox.
Bottom line do not put sensitive and valuable information in the public domain, if not hackers, the so called democratic government will have access to your information.
No true democracy has evolved yet, philosophically speaking.
In any case I will standby with Dropbox in difficult times and if they cannot I will start pulling out my hitherto not published (at least in the web) writing in one stroke of mine.
I think this discussion should go on for at least the next 5 years.
Something good will evolve out of it, if we respect human dignity unlike the Daily News Papers.
We took over private paper saying it is partisan and for the last 40 years we have not been able to free it from the government grip.
It is how democracy operates in this world and future too.
there are only two entities.
One who holds power.
The other who is subjected to that power.

Sadly, there is nothing in between.

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