Tabloid, News Reader, E-reader and the new Education Tool

Tabloid is going to make print media obsolete in the not so distant future. 
1. Ink print might disappear giving way to digital news.
2. Unlike the print paper, it can read you the news while you drive your car.
3. Local Paper edition might come in smart cards.
4. Advertisement supplements in the digital format make one to order with the touch of your finger tips
5. sports can be live like in the TV but unlike TV you can replay the match or game you like.
6. It has audio and video capabilities
7. Even amazon is going to phase out E-Reader and go for Tabloid.
8. All these are due to Linux and Android entering the market. It is a reality and not futuristic.
9. Tabloid is your News Reader, E-Reader, the smart phone, the web browser and the travel companion.
10. This is why I support Unity and very soon Google’s Android with Linux operating system will overtake the Apple’s iPod, since they are going to market it at affordable prices.
11. Not only that, smart news papers magnets will dish out OEM version of Tabloid at cut price with their subscription attached to the deal.

In the next 10 years we going to see amazing changes in the West. 

I do not see these changes will come true in this part of the world where professors in IT industry has to go behind politicians in begging for his or her salary increase. 

The promise of giving computers to university on loan will be a wasteful exercise and students drawn into debt no sooner they enter higher education.

If you are a smart student one should not go into debt buying a laptop before Tabloids hit the market.
If you do so, you might have to be in debt for two items instead of one.

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