Dream-12 and its interpretation from Heaven

I was dreamless for long period of time and may have to wind up dreaming now that the industrial action is all over, unless of course we may start it again if other side of the bargain counter is closed for new ideas and innovations.

I had a fragment of a dream and to keep Maha occupied in his job, rather his hobby, I posted it. The dream was on the day of the second part of the local election night where unlike the Cricket World Cup I was not at all interested because it was one horse race and the other horses were in the stable with the tails up.

The dream

I had gone out and I was stranded in a massive bus station newly developed after the war.

Location I cannot remember.

I can only remember my destination which was to go to Colombo and from there work myself back to Kandy.

The place was filthy in spite of being a newly developed site with filth was all over the place and even the filthy drainage spills into the floor of the bus station. Except me most of them were on roller skates to avoid the filth and dirty water and in that process of skating were splashing filth in waiting commuters including me.

There were lot of buses and they were all going to a godforsaken destination, again I cannot remember, somewhere in the direction Budulla or thereof towards the jungle terrain.

I asked several drivers and conductors and they said there are no buses to Colombo and the buses are plying only in the direction Badulla and beyond which was very unusual.

The usual routine is for the buses to ply towards Colombo and nothing from there to remote destinations like Budulla, especially after 6 P.M.

All those buses were chockablock and fill to capacity and there was noway I could have squeezed in and survived a trip.

The place looked like to me the real hell on earth and the stench was so unbearable I felt vomitish and soon I was woken up.

Maha was ready to blast off and I told that the industrial action was over.

That means you are not going to dream and I will miss my hobby.

Sort of that is unavoidable Sir.

Is it a good dream Sir.

Not really, he said.

What was the second part of the dream Sir.

There was no second part and with your composure that is as far as I would have let you dream or go free and that is as far as you would go on your own and it is towards the Server Master General.

It must be the newly built university computer center isn’t it?

I would be in charge of the database isn’t it?

No stupid.

Don’t you realize you were at the big Gate of the Hell and you were scanning the Computer Server.

My goodness!


There is no difference between the dream and the interpretation.

You were at the entrance to the Apaya. the Hell Gate International and you were on the Sri-Lankan Gate for Transit and the Computer Server doing the scanning of applications.

I remember you have sent a software to man the Apaya Server and it has eased the work but scrutiny takes a long time for Sri-Lankan applications.

There are lot of forgeries and wrong stamps on wrong pages.

The data entry is the slowest process but once they are entered correctly your software produce a token ring and you are immediately in a Apaya cell built for Sri-Lankans.

No more red tape.

It is not a bus station but a giant Server Station General (this is a French word) for Sri-Lankans entering Hell.

Don’t con Sir We Buddhist would never get there with all the Punya Karma and defeating the terrorism for good and making miracles in this Buddhist country.

You think so?

Yes sir.

Not a faintest chance the way you violate or not taken advantage of the elections, its administration and proper conduct.

In my estimate all the eligible voters ends up there in hell.

Either you do not make use of the franchise or if you use it you violate it in some way.

Upaya Chief has no alternatives but to scrutinize the violations and send you to hell for ages.

Is there a way to prevent it Sir.

Yes only one way.

By voting for the correct candidate Sir.

No stupid.

If you do not register as a eligible voter, then only you are safe.

In that case only Sinhalysa will be in Hell Sir, No Tamils?

It is not fare. There must be no Tamils there, now know?

How come?

Praba did not allow or register them to vote know!

I did not know that Maha responded and reflected politely and said it is good know.

Then you won’t have Tamil to fight in Apaya know?

That is good know?

That is not my point Sir even in Apaya we must continue our struggle for supremacy and without that no fun in Apaya know and no news coming out from there for me (from Apaya) to relate to the earthlings.

That is very selfish of yours.

I am human and Sri-Lankan Sir, I am entitled to some graphic action (horror) stories.

By the way have you got a vote?

No Sir for 35 years.

Part of the time I was abroad and the other time I did not furnish proper data.

It is not right know?

It is like this Sir there is de facto and de juro element.

De facto means you are already there and de juro means you are there in the list but you are away serving another electorate.

As a doctor I am blessed with to be de juro all the time.

But you are lying and you had been in this country with at least 3 presidents running the show?

But that was easy Sir.

I have two houses Sir.

When one Grama Sewaka (village headman) comes to register, I tell him my name is in the other electorate, if the other comes I tell him it is in the other electorate and it is as easy as that.

The officers have no way of communicating with each other and they are not allowed to do that anyway!

You are very clever and you will never go to hell in that case.

Is it so sure Sir.


Then what about your citizenship?

I have a passport. I have ID card and I pay taxes to the hilt.

I am a true Sri-Lankan in spite of not having a vote.

How can you be so neutral?

It is not neutral Sir.

It is the survival trick.

Survival of the fittest.

If I support the government the opposition guys won’t come to get medicine from me.

If I support the opposition the government guys won’t come to me.

That’s very partisan people aren’t they?


Why don’t you ask the people to follow your tradition.

I tried a bit but I failed.

They all are political animals in this country, beside I will be deprived of some entertainment, too.

Now that we have stopped the war we will not get patients to try our trade and suture wounds and repair bones etc.


Election violence is the surest way to get injuries both physical and mental.

How mental?

Unlike cricket we let India to win so that 2 billion Indian enjoyed but after elections both side of the divide go into mental mode (2M Mode) discovering how stupid they are.

Or I see.

But England beat India know?

England has to do that Sir.

Otherwise there will be no cricket but casinos and betting pools.

In any case it is English Game and it is a gentleman’s game and India is against DRS (Decision Reviewing System), too.

That is not good sport know?

That is the difference between Indian and Sri-Lankans, Sir.

We rig both elections and cricket.

But Indians rig only cricket and never elections.

Even if the politicians do not return the promises Indian do not blame them as long as if they win any game by hook or crook,.

The average Indian on the street is immune to politics but never to cricket.

That is why we let Indian win.

We are very good neighbours except the Indian politicians especially in the south who are good at harbouring terrorists in their own soil to win elections.

There is always equal an opposite reaction and mutual benefits.

We two nations will survive without the stupid politicians.

We like Indian and Tamil food.

Indians love visiting Ceylon and opening tourist hotels.

We will survive in spite of politicians.

I got to go any more questions.

One Sir.

We did a disservice to Tamils by winning the war isn’t it Sir.

What nonsense?

If they were under Praba none will have a vote and all will be debarred from entering the Hell by your definition.

Now they have elections in the North and East and at least 50% are voting and 50% will be going there for scrutiny.

I suppose so and I have no veto power in politics and that is a human game and we gods have no political affiliations.

In that case I will be coming to heaven.

Isn’t it?

I cannot tell you that Sir.

It is ethically wrong to forecast like economists in heaven but send me some dreams will you?

OK Sir.


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