Cloud Computing-Ubuntu One

Below is a caption I enclosed for getting a PDF file from a web hosting service in America.

“Assuming that there is no power outage or failure and download speed is instant and fast (both these premises are hard to come by and ensure in the Third World) cloud computing is the next best thing that happened after World Wide Web.

This can be better utilized in a school setup or in a University (I call it the Virtual University where everybody is a graduate or undergraduate).

The potential is enormous once the infrastructure is laid down and maintained with a stable cloud”.

I have decided to support Ubuntu Unity and Ubuntu One.
I hate the Free Books often outdated (especially in Science and IT) by 30 years dished out by the Education Department and the recently politicized new entrants (inculcation) discipline program (Yes Men and Yes Sir Program).
It is an insult to freedom of thought and exercise of free mind in creative work.
That is another reason for promoting Ubuntu One.
Without duplicating of information Cloud Computing can bring whole world together.

I am believer it can be done cheaper than the Government’s Free Text Book Program.
I hope Mark Shuttelworth, the Guru can initiate it in South Africa and take few of our teachers from here for training there (instead of the English Instructors we got from India to teach English to teachers of English) and send them back with Ubuntu Unity CD/DVD (No more free CDs from Canonicals now) and IT and English Training.
He does not have to spend South African Money.
All he has to do is to give a free laptops to all opposition MPs with music streaming charged at 10 times the priming price instead of the basic customer price.
That alone is enough to finance the project and voters get money back guarantee.
The money we pay them as pension after five yeas and pay while they are not doing anything except fighting for the top post-leader of the opposition).

They are not doing anything except singing local Baila (variety of song in this island and also use as substitute for lies -usually used by policemen) instead of actively engage in voter / consumer based politics.

Regards to the MPs in power who are more often abroad without even not knowing how to fill airport form in English should be sent to moon or given a satellite telephone to keep in contact with aliens.
The money for those utilities should come from President Fund to which our Lottery money is diverted.
All of them have become alien to the average voters needs.

But the language of instruction has to be Universal and it cannot be Sinhala or Tamil.

I hope present day parents, teachers and above all students should realize this.
We do not want to be like frog in a deep (Enclosed Island) well.

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