Linux Gamers and IgLive/Knoppix

Knoppix had a Game DVD in December 2008 but quiet since then but the new Knoppix 6.4 and 6.7 with support for visually handicap are fantastic. Knoppix gamers cannot be installed.
This was the same scenario with Linux gamers Live the Arch derivative.
Their 0.9.7 (CD/DVD) has remedied this and have install and persistent facility.
Ubuntu based Ultimate Edition is out with Light and Full version and I have not downloaded it yet (point to point download is damn slow in thus part of the world).
I am waiting and expecting them to place a torrent copy at Linux Tracker.
Thanks guys and girls you are doing a wonderful service and this is the only area Linux is still lagging behind.
I do not mind developers placing the games for purchase and that will make cash available for more ambitious work and developers also should need to survive at a time of debt crisis.
The idea is for you to be able to carry a decent amount of high-quality Linux games with you where ever you go for purposes of demonstration, gaming or parties. Your computer will remain completely unchanged as everything will run live.
It can boot this distribution from a CD, DVD or USB flash drive.

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