Dream-13 and its interpretation from Heaven

Below is a phrase cut out from real life story of Linus and his erstwhile (current too) friend.

I won’t tell you where it is posted but it is an inspirational piece of writing and how a young undergraduates feels about his/her life in the campus and his/her career accomplishment thereafter and how collaboration works and isolation ruins.

Go and find it yourself.

1. It is relevant here to state how the politicians (whatever the party affiliation that would be) should not ruin the minds of young entrants by propaganda.
2. It is also relevant that a university computer student in early 1990 could not save money enough to buy a home computer.

Then of course if you have time read my latest dream and its interpretation and if you are a cricket fan (Indian or Sri-Lankan) the story is a good sleeping pill for you to drop to sleep standing or seated.

The way Australians and Englishman disposing our titles in style, the other alternative to watch cricket.
I of course switch on Sri-Lankan match when I won’t to sleep on my arm-chair (not for dreaming of course).

I call it instant Sleep neither instant Cricket(IPL type) or Instant Coffee.

You may fall to sleep halfway through my story too but that is an added advantage of visiting this post.


Our studies for the first year ended in May, and in June we both started the semi-mandatory military service, but in different places.

I did not see Linus for the next year.

The Finnish army taught me to shut up, stop thinking, hurry up to wait, shoot people at a distance, and collect dirty dishes in a restaurant.

My IQ dropped markedly during those nine months.

I did not enjoy the experience.

Caption ENDS and the story begins.

Now I always dream about going abroad or being abroad in an airport or in one of my friend’s home abroad alone while my friend is toiling in his or her office. This disease of going abroad in dreamy state I acquired while on industrial action over 3 months periods and there is no cure for except dreaming of a cure.

The Dream

I had gone to Denmark to visit a friend there who is a professor of Sociology. He is a fan of football and once Danish were the world champions in football and he still dreams one day in the future they will become champions again.
I tell him it is nice to dream when one is old and retired and does not have enough means to support oneself.
It is all what old people have except of course politicians in power.
I always tell my friend one should not become a politician young.
Look at Obama and see how quickly he has become “old-looking” in spite of American make up.
One must become a politician at old age and have your bypass and all other medical conditions attended by the state and one does not need a Health Plan or Insurance then.
He tells me he does not like politics and rush off to work leaving behind an old computer for me to work with.
Then he turns round and find me a push trolley to take the computer on my way out if I decide to go out for a walk. He is scared I get a heart attack carrying a big computer on my outdoor activities knowing very well that computer is now an appendage of my body.

One thing he does not know is that I carry Pendrive and a Puppy Linux.

I was bored inside and loaded the computer into the trolley and was on my way to the railway station as a necessary precaution. In those countries where elderly should not come out at rush hour and you will be trampled to death. So with the trolley I get a headway and leeway at rush hour and rush points. Of course I get funny looks from bystanders, onlookers and fellow beings of fairer skin as I progress along and towards my desired destination..
As I was going down the path to the station to park the trolley (one needs to pay), I met a lady I have known with her blind son and the daughter coming up.
We got into conversation and the blind son was figuring to place me in his memory and I was telling him.
Can’t you remember that I was talking to your mum over the phone when your sister got lost in the supermarket and I baby sat with you till she alerted the security and the police to locate her and eventually find her.
This was 12 year ago I told him.
Then he came to me grabbed me with emotion and with that emotion I was woken up.
This was a nice dream and I was taken up by the big old computer and the lost child and helping to find her.
But also annoyed why should one of my friends gives me a big old computer instead of a tablet on my short sojourns abroad?
I can understand a wheel chair but not a rickety old computer and immediately posted an email to Maha Brahma.
He responded quickly and with a saying “old time no see arhh”.
I told him we are back to work and doing some catch up work.
I told him this cannot be me at the railway station with an old computer and I am now thinking of a telepathic computer chip in my forehead and not a rickety old computer as my companion and I am very futuristic computer-wise.
I may be old in age but my computer is going to be the latest even to my grave I told him.
Son don’t be impatient.
It is futuristic too.
Then I asked him why did you wake me up in the middle and I would have liked to know all about the future politicians.
Do you want to die in prison?
Perhaps not?
Then he dished out the interpretation.


There are three involved

1. A politician
2. His putative wife
3. A child under 5

Country origin of the three withheld by the advice of the Interpol(Not coconut pol)

Site A Middle East International Airport.
Modus operandi
Human smuggling for transplant organs.
Screen action.
1. This politician goes on an official visit.
2. His putative wife (real wife in his mother country) joins him with a child under five two days later.
3. Wife comes back to airport with the child.
4. Embark for homeward journey.
5. Report the missing child to the politician by phone before take off.
6. Politician alert the local police
7. Politician attends his bogus function (underworld)
8. In the meantime missing child disappears without a trace from the airport.
9. Whisked away to a Private hospital for donor parts.
10 Money deposited on a Swiss bank in the name of the politician.

This is how the NGO will operate in future.
See you soon and he disappeared from computer email radar.

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