JoliCloud and EyeOS

If you want to join the cloud with your existing paraphernalia that goes with your email identity, JoliCloud is for you.
I have already briefed you here how to make a USB stick but you do not need that even if your browser is cloud ready like Google Chrome.
Just type Jolicloud in Google and register with a name and your email.
Once you are with the Jolicloud and integrating your favorite utilities there is something one should not miss.
That is Eye OS.
This is a tiny Web OS that is sponsored by free software sourceforge foundation.
It is the cutest Linux package one can have.
You can integrate all your blog site with Jolicloud and you need not carry even a pendrive if you have a thin client access but Google Chrome is essential and I believe a tablet with android or Kindle will get you connected.
Whole world is going to change with cloud computing whether you like it or not.
One can synchronize with Dropbox but there is no Ubuntu One at the moment.
I hope Ubuntu One will fix this problem soon.

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