Going for a uniform Linux Live CD/DVD approach

There are many Live CD/DVDs for one to try but there is lack of uniformity in their final output.

For example some live CDs boot without a password.

Some do not have root permission.

Equally there are different names for the user and  equally bewildering passwords for root.

I have a few suggestions for future live CD/DVD developers having tested over 200 over the past two years.

1. Live boot should be guest and the past word should be guest.

2. Root password should always be root.

Other alternative is to assign a password for root at the boot up time which few live CDs let one do.

3. Live CD/DVDs should always have a X Windows. 

If there is no X windows they should be named as console boot ups not live CDs. One cannot see live in a console boot ups and they are for administrators doing maintenance work.

4. They should have UnetBootIn included for it to be booted into a USB.

That is the easiest and the best way.

Alternative is to have a simple script or simple graphic utility for preparation of a pendrive and not command terminal.

5. They need not be DVDs but having fully fledged DVD is good if one wants to install it after a live session.

6. By default include install script.

In the alternative have one Live CD and one install CD.

7. They should include Cloud Utilities by default in preparation of the IT sea change that is happening now.

8. What to be included can be decided independently to the taste of the developer (not the user).

For example take 4MLinux.

It is very small but it has four components.

1. Multimedia.

2. Mini Server

3. Maintenance Utility

4. Mystery or games.

Damn Small Linux is another example.

Gparted for partitioning.

SliTaz is another example.

Browser Pup is another very good example.

For desktop environment Zenlive approach is good.

It has 5 different CDs.

Or take the approach of PClinux which has several CDs. Mini, Medium and Standard and a big daddy approach of FullMonty (September version is out).

It is high time Live CD / DVDs take cloud computing seriously and have approach like Ubuntu One or CloudUSB or JoliCloud.

The threat of Google Android’s invasion should be beaten sooner than late.

I like the CloudUSB approach very much except it’s passwords.

EyeNux is another good one gone into hibernation.

I hope many more brighter ideas would emerge from crafty developers.

9. There are two other important points. One is to have simple instruction included in the CD/DVD itself.

10. They should also have a good home page if the developers are expecting users to visit site for information and feedback.

For example there is a Live CD distribution based on Slackware PocketWriter which is pretty good and a personnel contribution but no home page or instructions. I wanted to suggest they should include a install script and I could not do that.

Home page is very important.

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