PCLinuxFullMonty has done an excellent update.
Thanks Guys and girls for including Calibre, the E-book organizer which is an excellent package.
Only thing missing is Cloud Computer readiness but dropbox is there for the taking but I prefer something like Ubuntu One or JoliCloud with lot of little application.
In the alternative PCLinux can work on that as a separate Cloud Project with all inclusive Light weight CD and a Browser of Debian style compatible with cloud.
In any case FullMonte is going to be my work horse for many years to come.
I am still waiting for the 64 bit version that was promised sometime back.
They layout for FM is now placed separately and installer is placed as an option in the start up splash which is a good thing, since when on Live it takes a lot of RAM and freezes a bit, if one does not have minimum of 1 GiB RAM.
I still call it dearly as the Gorilla of a distribution.
It’s stand out feature is the FM layout for me. 
My work is always well organized even if I am following cricket BBC live (commentaries).
Thank again for inclusion of Calibre.

That name fits in well since it has almost everything in one DVD.

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