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Ten or more things I did not know about the Pineapple Plant.

Story of My Pineapple Plant

After about two years the stem of the original plant is flowering now.

It almost died due to competition of a robust weed.

I took the weed with diffuse roots away and the stem of the pineapple plant was rotten due to competition for nutrition.

I thought it might die and just placed it between other plants and put plenty of water.

Below is things I did not know but discovered during the last two years.

1. Even though I knew that the crown of the fruit can be used to grow it, I did not know what happens to the mother plant when the fruit is separated.

2. I did not know it leaves can be used to make a fine silk like thread (it is in fact finer than the silk thread) and prepare fabrics.

3. It grows very slow and one can have only one fruit for year.

4. It has a very beautiful flower.

5. Its roots does not go deep.

6. I did not know from which part of the tropics it originated. Now I know it is from south America.

7. Mother plant produce shoots called suckers once the fruit is removed. They can be used to grow new plants.

8. I do not know how many shoots / suckers it make certainly more than one.

9. I did not know other plants with diffuse root system compete with its growth and lot of chemical are used in commercial growing.

10 I did not know it is rich in manganese.




Resume for Heaven

Resume for Heaven
If one wants to go to heaven one has to sacrifice some of the earthly things we are used to.
1. One cannot gossip in heaven.
2. This reason cell phones are banned totally in heaven.
3. One has to make personal errands in heaven but this has changed with my friend becoming the Chief’s Assistant.
3. One cannot think in heaven lest one try to create some new heavens.
4. They have a high scrutiny when people like Steve Job tries to enter heaven.
I  cannot talk about it here, now.
His application is pending approval.
5. Email was introduced (this is where I got involved in) recently with the present Maha Brahma’s Assistant taking Office.
6. There is only outgoing mails only.
7. Onward post from Earth is banned.
8. I have a Virtual Email Facility by the courtesy of present incumbent.
9. They are not allowed to sleep or dream except the highest of the order of gods when on duty.
The reason for this is that the gods have to be watchful all the time to prevent any undesirable from Earth enter.
This is about the only job they have to do in heaven.
10. Leave is abundant in heaven one can take as much leave as possible and then one can dream as much as possible. But unfortunately most of the gods cannot dream well, especially the Chief himself.
Most of the gods, the last dream  they had before entering from any sentinel point in the Universe was going to heaven and once one achieves that target there are no dreams left for them to indulge in.
11. Games are plenty and allowed  all the time but betting is completely banned. Apart from email facility one of the reasons they introduced computers  was to play games but war games are completely banned.
12. They are now considering touch system tabloids (without phone facility) to play games and on that ground alone they might consider taking Steve Job to heaven but the entry is still pending and waiting for the approval from the real Maha Brahma on vacation.
So if you think of going to heaven read my resume carefully before one makes an entry.

Urea (Urine) Treatment

Urea (Urine) Treatment
Some of my visitors are nosy an ask some silly question.
Especially when they see my flowering plants.
Most of them take no time to learn some basics in biology or gardening.
They know I do not use artificial manure.
If hey ask what I put in for them to grow healthily.
I promptly say Urine.
using they do no go ahead with a second or third question.
If they probe a second question, I promptly say it is my dog who does look after the garden and I rarely use other method but there are other reliable supplies.
At that point most of them stop asking any more question expecting me to say human supply.
so far nobody has gone beyond that point but my real supply come from my pet fish.
With temperatures over 95 degrees Fahrenheit, I have to empty the water frequently to get rid of the algae that is a perennial problem and  I have not found a solution yet.
Rest is banana and tea leaves.
In this country our farmers inject UREA to the  flower stem (Banana) to make them grow bigger.
The UREA they use contain heavy metals and I have been trying to educate the consumers not to eat them or the vendors to not to buy or sell them injected with urea.
It has become a problem since banana growing i not done on commercial-scale but as a supplementary vegetation.
Banana is a very healthy fruit but our fellows are poisoning it with Urea contaminated with heavy metals including cadmium.
There is no quality control in this country.

Linux and Graphic Card Compatibility

Linux and Graphic Card Compatibility
I just did a survey on graphic cards and there are excellent technical articles on graphic cards but none of them go into the Linux compatibility.
I expect somebody who has used Linux and who is versed with technical aspect of graphic cards should write a review.
I will only write few lines on technical aspect of graphic cards and my personal experience with NVIDIA cards only.
 I was the generation of 16 and 32 Memory and even they were difficult to find and expensive those days. Linux was able to work with less graphic intensive architecture those days.
New Linux distributions are graphic intensive.
Only few Mephis, AntiX and Debian support lot of graphic cards.
1. 3D acceleration came later.
2. Graphic cards use a lot of energy.
The type depends on the mother board.
1.AGP (old )
2. PCI Express (new)
AGP is being replaced by the PCI Express interface on new motherboards, but AGP 8x (and even AGP 4x) still offer sufficient bandwidth for contemporary video cards.
All AGP 8x cards will work in both AGP 4x and AGP 8x slots.
3. It is very important to find at least 128 Memory card if one is using Linux.
4. New distributions do not support old cards.
5. So if you download a new CD/DVD and if it does not work check the Hardware compatibility List (HCL) by an appropriate card to support the distribution.
It is the only change you may have to do with an old computer.
Mind you they are very difficult to find even secondhand nowadays.
I bought old netVIsta with only 16 AGP (do not confuse it VGA which is related to the monitor) and could not find a 128 memory card for about one year.
Luckily I had several 64 AGP cards till I found a 128.
Expensive graphic card is necessary if one is playing games and  3D modeling in 3DMax / Maya (very expensive).
So even if you are using blender make sure one has a good graphic card.
For ordinary photo editing I do do not think one need an expensive graphic card.
I only do some photo editing (that is also not frequent-it was passion in good old days) and even 64 memory is OK.
I never had problem with NVIDIA and I stick with it.
It had a little problem only with 400 series but then I had over 100 Live CDs.
I run LIVE CD/DVD first and then  pick the distribution I wants second.
I cannot speak of other graphic cards including ATI and IBM has been slow to support Linux.
So if you have problems do not blame the Distribution but change the Graphic card to suit your distribution.

This is something I should have written long time ago but I always say even Linux is now graphic intensive and go for a good graphic card.

On board graphic cards are also pain in the neck and do not buy a secondhand computer even it is cheap unless it can be upgraded with graphic card (mother board should have a graphic slot) and when one fix a new card on board graphic is automatically switched off.

Remember to change the BIOS too (PCI/AGP output).

Puppy is now Cloud Ready-Slacko- Slackware Based

It very nice feeling to announce that Puppy is cloud ready.
Once it is booted up on the desktop click the slickpet and one gets to  an alternative software manager to download cloud utility.
In seconds it downloads the cloud utility and one has window with all the current cloud utilities (except Ubuntu One) including Puppy web desktop, meebo, twitter, yahoo, Google and Dropbox (one has to download it.
It downloads Adobe Flash in few minutes (remember all these are in RAM) and one is instantaneously in the web.
Its Flash drive simulator can even simulate Floppy or a hard drive when using Flash Drive mode for booting.
It has all this in 124 of MiB.
It is only few weeks ago I wrote that Puppy should be cloud ready.
Thanks guys and girls in Australia and getting Slackware also into the fold with the Wolfer build.
This Live CD is amazing if one is should of hardware and money download and use it till you earn.
Mind you I got a  secondhand graphic card from a secondhand dealer (my graphic card is very very old-I am now ashamed I am still using it and most of the new Linux distributions are not supporting very old graphic cards) and I want it to be tested before installing newly downloaded Linux.
I use this computer for downloading and not for daily routines.

Internet and O.E.M (Original Equipment Manufacturers)

Internet and O.E.M (Original Equipment Manufacturers)

With cloud computing making a big impact, I am a believer  that all O.E.M computer products should have Internet utilities as a default system even without an Operating System. That is the next best thing that can happen to customer base. Internet is the most widely used utility.
My only reservation is that there should be some protection for vulnerable children.
That protection can be adequately dealt with by a password system when one buys an O.E.M system as a bundled package. Only one user should be allowed the full system access.
There should be a separate O.E.M for children (with protection included by default).
In other words, the user should be able to the browse Internet by default. There are enough small utilities and free software available now, for one of them to be included by default in an O.E.M. System.
The user should also be able to select his or her operating system as a cloud utility or as an independent operating system without having being hooked to a proprietary Operating System by default.
The operating wisdom should be that the customer has a choice.
Of course, to make matters easy proprietary system/s should be available for those who wish to purchase. That is also a freedom of choice.
How one sells the product is not the vendor’s preempt but the work of the sales person.
Until such time, all the O.E.M. products should be allowed to boot up with a Flash Drive or micreSD card.  They can even sell it with a smart-card option.
Smart-card option
It is an easy alternative.
Developers have already created special microSD for the E-reader Nook Color, that allows one to dual-boot the Nook OS and a specialized version of Android. In other words, just pop one of these cards into the Nook’s microSD slot, and presto!
Instant Android.
If the Android environment is not needed any longer, just turning off the Nook, popping out the card, and rebooting will get one to the Nook.
Actually, the card need not be taken out, as one can choose the OS from a boot menu.
That means one is not voiding the warranty.
A very popular Android ROM Card CyanogenMod  marketed by N2A (Nook to Android) has stocks of applications that include Amazon Kindle, Angry Birds, and Words with Friends.
One is not locked into reading only Barnes & Noble e-books.
Following is an advertisement selling microSD cards
“Turning your Nook Color into a terrific Android tablet is easy–and legal.
No warranty issues, no changes to your ereader:
It just works.
And we’ve chosen SanDisk microSD cards:
The tech industry’s best storage solution to be sure your tablet works perfectly today and tomorrow”.
In that context, Debian’s Iceweasel (or even Dillo) should be the one that should be ported with the O.E.M with all the unnecessary cookies removed and probably something similar to Dropbox (or a cloud entity) as an accompaniment with the basic (minimal) kernel.
This is one piece of writing in my next book

My Selection of Linux Utilities that make a Feature Packed Linux Distribution


Advanced open source document processor

Alongside Kile, LyX is another tremendous powerful LaTeX GUI. It allows you to create impressive documents in HTML, PS or PDF format rendered with unbearably beautiful Computer Modern fonts. LyX is also available for Windows and is a little less difficult to use, in my opinion. I have reviewed LyX not that long ago.

User-friendly LaTeX source editor and TeX shell and KDE.

LyX – Word processor.

LyX is an advanced open source document processor that encourages an approach to writing based on the structure of your documents, not their appearance. LyX lets you concentrate on writing, leaving details of visual layout to the software. LyX runs on many Unix platforms (including MacOS X), OS/2, and under Windows/Cygwin. Note that all these ports use the same xforms interface and therefore need an X server. LyX produces high quality, professional output — using LaTeX, an industrial strength typesetting engine, in the background; LyX is far more than a front-end to LaTeX, however. No knowledge of LaTeX is necessary to use LyX, although it will give a user more power. LyX is stable and fully featured. It has been used for documents as large as a thesis, or as small as a business letter. Despite its simple GUI interface (available in many languages), it supports tables, figures, and hyperlinked cross-references, and has a best-of-breed math editor.