Ubuntu One Free is a Winner, Takes it All

Ubuntu One Free is a Winner, Takes it All
Canonical, the Ubuntu’s parent company is way ahead with cloud computing.
It has both the Client and the Server architecture.
It has integrated the Desktop and  IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).
It has 5 GiB huge storage.
It will soon allow the Windows and Apple users the client service.
That’s not all you can stream Music for less than 3 dollars a year price tag.
It’s Canonical’s biggest enterprise win to date, but that’s only a hint of what Canonical is up to with the cloud.
Only other hit in the market is Amazon’s Kindle on Fire.
Like Nero who played Music when Rome was on Fire one may be able to play Music on Kindle on Fire with the help of Ubuntu One Cloud.
What more one needs?
One does not need to be Linux user to take this advantage.
Go and get registered with Ubuntu One.
It has already hit one million clients.

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